Thursday, March 22, 2007

The Daily Mittiot Begins. . .

Hello Fellow "Mittiots." You're reading the premier edition of The Daily Mittiot. The Blog that will follow Mitt Romney's presidential bid here in Michigan, specifically, and around the country in general. If you're asking, "why the 'Mittiot'?" The answer is, "because 'Mittaniac' sounds stupid." Just know this: Mitt's going to win Michigan - the Republican Nomination - and, the White House. . . guaranteed. Oh, but to make these kinds of predictions so early in the game - when individuals like Newt and Fred and Condoleeza are out there lurking - one would certainly have to be an IDIOT! Well, I'm making the prediction, reader, so color me so, and call me 'MITTIOT." Next Edition: Why Mitt Will Win



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