Sunday, March 25, 2007

The "Daily" Mittiot? - AND, Why Mitt will win.

First off - the "Daily" Mittiot may be a bit of a task - I still don't have my website - - completed. Put the ol' cart before the horse, so to speak. But it is my intention to fill the ether with logical insight of awe inspiring porportions! Daily??? We'll that's the idea, anyway. WHY MITT WILL WIN Here's a simple Simon, shoot from the hip, analogy of why Mitt is poised to win. MICHIGAN: First off, the Romney Team has done a great job plowing the field. It hasn't just been Michigan, either. "How have they plowed the field?" you ask. One example: While Chair of the Jackson County GOP, a few years back now, out of the blue - the Commonwealth PAC came calling. "What can we do to help Jackson elect its candidates?" was the question - shortly followed by a check to the local party. Grassroots organizations like the JCGOP don't get many checks out of the blue, you gotta work your tail off for the few dollars you do receive. A great way to get noticed: Go to the locals versus the state party. SMART! Now those in the political vortex that eat, sleep, and defecate, politics have been watching Romney for a while - especially, those of us in Michigan. His gutsy Senate bid to take down Teddy "one for the road" Kennedy, was followed by a long shot, yet successful, Gubernatorial race to take the reigns of liberal Tax-achusetts. In the mix, Mitt, headed up the Winter Olympics and turned a silk purse out of that pig's ear. AND, on top of all that, again, plowing the field, Romney (as GOP Governors Chair) came to Michigan to help DeVos brutal gubernatorial race against a strong incumbent. Moxie doesn't begin to describe what polico's have witnessed in Mitt Romney - Mitt's been on the radar along time. Further evidence the field has been well plowed in Michigan, Mitt unlike ANY other candidate can count on the support of some 34 State House members, 8 or so State Senators, 3 Congressman, and a gaggle of past and present GOP operatives (like myself) to push the pledge and carry "Michigan for Mitt." "The Michigan Ace up the Sleeve:" For those not-in-the-know, Mitt's father, George Romney, was a popular Governor of Michigan a generation ago (today, the Governor's working office is in the Geo. Romney Building, in downtown Lansing). Mitt grew up in Michigan, met his wife, Ann, here, and through his farther and personal experience critically understands the auto industry and Michigan's hip-tied relation with it. Mitt winning Michigan is an easy prediction. As I tell the faithful: "All things being equal, Send a Michiganian to the White House!" - it resonates. Michigan will go to Mitt. THE GOP NOMINATION: This is a little trickier. If the primary make-up followed the path of 2004 (NH,MI, SC) Mitt'd be in GREAT shape (Michigan being the "Midwest Test" and a great delegate grab). But it won't. The "path" already deviates to include California, with talk of Florida, and some other "big reds" moving their primary up to have a bigger say in the outcome. . . HOWEVER, I'm told (and based on the Michigan Team, do not doubt) that the Romney Campaign has already established a well-oiled network out in California, is working with the Bush team down in FLA, and is mobile and connected (via the field plowing mentioned above) to establish working campaign offices earlier than ANY opponent. The BIG question is how will this impact Hunter's spinning race? Will Californians carry their own? Will their be a coast to coast ticket: Romney/Hunter? Don't count on it. As I tell the faithful: "You have to put the race into context - not all candidates are equal." Romney is a top tier candidate. The real question is not, "How will Romney fair?" the question is "How will the top tier candidates fair?" The "long run answer" to this question is with another question: "Who has the better campaign network?" (as name recognition becomes less of a factor) - that answer, quite solidly, is MITT. The Nomination Ace Up the Sleeve: Regardless of where states fall in the primary game, eyes will still be on NH, Michigan, South Carolina: Mitt's in a good position - poised in Michigan, on the rise in NH, and CPAC-Solid in South Carolina. Mitt will win the GOP nomination. THE PRESIDENCY: If the nomination prediction was tricky - a Presidential prediction is all but lunacy. AND THIS IS WHY WE CALL IT "THE DAILY MITTIOT!" Like above, you have to out the nomination in perspective to the field of those running. The Dem candidates are lack-luster. Barrack HUSSEIN Obama will have problems, Jon Edwards is no stronger now than he was when he was getting stomped by Kerry and Howard "YAAAAAA" Dean, and to continue to run - putting the sure to be emotional stress on his family - while his wife fights bone cancer????? And, lastly, to be sure I'd just be a plain old "idiot" (rather than Mittiot) if I didn't acknowledge a strong women democratic candidate didn't give me pause in conviction, BUT Hillary is a known commodity - and what the center and right know about her, they don't like. To be honest, the sleeper in the Dem race that gives me the most concern is Joe Biden. If his campaign gains traction, he will be formidable. The Presidential Ace up the Sleeve: Mitt's hair. What? Yep, Mitt Romney looks presidential. Don't discount it. If you recall, Gore spent some time and money getting coached on this attribute - it served him well, as he damn near won the presidency. Had Kerry looked a little less "French" he may have fared a bit better. Dole? Too grumpy. Dukakis? Too short. Obama? Hillary? Edwards? vs. Mitt. Slam Dunk. As I tell the faithful: "You don't have to win all the votes, you just have to win most of 'em." And, in what will certainly be a tight contest, the hair will/could make the difference. MITT WILL BE PRESIDENT. So declares your "Daily Mittiot!"


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