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Mitt continues to attract the financial support necessary to keep on running at a front-runner's pace. A fifty dollar gift (or more) by hitting the Romney "Contribute" link on the right of this blog will ensure our fight to bring change to Washington (and our party) continues. COME ON - CLICK THAT BUTTON! Do it for your Mittiot, and I'll do it, too. In fact, I'm going to put $100.00 in the kitty right now. . . and I'm a Michigan public education employee.


Your Mittiot tips the ol' chapeau to those doing phone-polling - it ain't easy. But the recent CNN-WMUR NH GOP poll is a bit light on statistical significance. Though CNN reported a poll of 307 "likely" GOP Primary voters there were actually 324 survey (according to the poll-data from the SOLID University of New Hampshire). My question is, guys, "why not survey another 76 people?"

Less than 400 respondents will give you a pretty large sampling error - as in 5.5%. This fact, of course, when spread over 6 or so individual variables (candidates) gives some pretty flexible data. For example, much has been made over Mitt and Rudy getting tight in NH - 25% to 24%, respectively. However, with 5.5% sampling error, the poll could have just as easily been 30.5% for Romney and 18.5% for Giuliani. OR, 29.5% for Rudy and 19.5% for Mitt. Or some combination where, say, McCain gains 3.5%, Giuliani losses 5.5% and Romney gains 2%. The point is, another 76 respondents and the poll would have been a lot less flexible - as in 2.5% sample error. All in all, your Mittiot's not complaining and nobody should concede New Hampshire. . . Iowa, on the other hand. . . but those out there making a big deal over this one poll might want to catch a breath.

AND, in case you missed it - CNN did a great job reporting (enter the sarcasm) that those of the GOP in New Hampshire are, indeed, satisfied with their candidates. . . but then again, that type of news doesn't fit CNN's idea of a "good headline."


God knows your Mittiot loves FOX News, it is at least balanced. But, your Mittiot's not lovin' the Romney diss. I understand the Fred factor (Kristol's daughter is working Fred's campaign) and the "Giuliani is a New Yorker" angle, but COME ON you'd need more than a tanker truck of lipstick to gussy up this pig of a campaign. Maybe, maybe, $8 million in this quarter of campaigning? What the heck was he doing while he was "testin' the waters?" You mean he wasn't lining up donors? Your Mittiot knows a spin when he sees one, FOX, you might want to let O'Reilly edit your wire.

"WASHINGTON — Fred Thompson's fundraising in his first go-round as a declared presidential candidate could offer some surprisingly strong numbers (? emphasis mine) as the entire field of 2008 candidates gets down to counting up their booties in the third-quarter money chase.

FOX News has learned that Thompson, the former Tennessee senator, will report having raised in excess of $8 million dollars in this quarter of the fiscal year. That's in addition to $3.5 million he raised in June."

Wow. . .

[Full article here]

~ so sayeth the Mittiot


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