Tuesday, September 11, 2007



"On this day, radical Islamists brought terror to our shores. It is hard for our minds to contemplate a human darkness so vile that it celebrates murder and the destruction of innocent lives. But we can honor the bright memories of the fallen. Each person, whether taken in unknowing sacrifice or resigned to death after heroic struggle, stands in our mind's eye in the brilliant light of faith and patriotism. In the years since 9/11, the spreading evil of radical Jihad has been visited on other cities around the world. Yet, our resolve remains strong. From soldiers guarding our liberty on foreign shores to those of us living under the umbrella of the protection they provide, we are united in remembering loved ones lost on that day and in our determination to protect our homeland from future attacks."
- Governor Mitt Romney


We never say it enough - we can never say it enough - but if you're reading this blog and your job and/or passion is keeping America and its citizens safe - from the soldier to fire-fighter, police officer to the politician - I want to Thank You. Please believe that from my heart my family and I appreciate your service and "walking the line" so my son and wife can live free from the fear of another 9/11.

Your Mittiot has no time for politics today - in the scheme of things there is only one issue of importance for all of America on this day: Remembering the attach of 9/11 and the pure heartache of watching fellow Americans - Republican, Democrat, men, women and children, pained to their very core as they waited to hear if loved ones were OK.

For the families and friends of nearly 4000 innocent Fire-Fighters, Port Authority, Police Officers, Service men and women, and beloved friends and neighbors - the muffled answer came. . . followed by a thousand tears.

I relived the events of 6 years ago with my students today. I couldn't make it through the discussion. . . I still can't think about it with out feeling the anguish and welling up. I still pray for justice and peace and know God will see that each is achieved.

~ so sayeth the Mittiot.


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Good post.

And we won't forget...


September 13, 2007 at 10:56 AM  

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