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HELLO, Fellow Mittiots. August was brutal on your happy-go-lucky Mittiot. So, I thought I'd pull a Thompson and see if I could be a blogger without actually blogging. . . I figured what I would do was I'd tell everybody I was a blogger but not actually post anything. . . and that way I wouldn't have to work. . . you know, bloggin' ain't easy, it takes commitment and an original thought or two. . . this is much better. . . I'm a blogger, but I don't have to actually write anything. . . I wonder if the college will buy that argument: "I'm an instructor, but I'm not going to actually instruct anybody." Thank God for tenure. . . it seems to me a lot like Hollywood syndication.

Joking aside, for all those bloggers out there (like Nick at who post every single day come hell or high water, the Mittiot chapeau goes off - it really isn't easy. However, if an explanation is needed, just know that Michigan's economy sucks (the Governor has been INVISIBLE) and if you're in the field of public supported higher education, the uncertainty is almost debilitating. I spent August negotiating our faculty contract. Our negotiating team took the position of recognizing the reality of Michigan's economy, negotiated a good contract for the STUDENTS (no 17% tuition increases), the faculty and by extension the institution and - TA DA - our faculty rejected it. . . way to go guys! Needless to say, the negotiating team has gladly "stepped aside." So, GOOD NEWS, unless you're a Hufficrat or Chris Wallace (which may just be the same damn thing), your Mittiot's back Bay-Bee!


I understand now why the dems are afraid of holding a debate hosted by Fox News - sock puppets are clearly easier to handle than the real people of New Hampshire. The questions were really frickin' tough and some down right ugly. I think the field did great overall - and Mitt, who clearly had a target the size of Texas on his forehead, handled himself very, very, well. He and Giuliani were getting the brunt of the no win questions - a clear indication of their front-runner status (Mitt, the front runner of the front runners) - and McCain? Well, he was getting the softballs. . . Hell, that's even a stretch, McCain was getting Jel-lo tossed at him. All in all, however, a pretty good debate.

And by the way, let me say this about Mitt's boys not joining the military. . . For the last 5 years during this war on terror, semester in and semester out, I've taught young men and women a thing or two about the political process and this great country. And, one thing is certain, it takes a lot more than the military to support and protect the freedom we hold so dear. It takes men and women "to do" and it takes men and women "to lead." Running for public office is no frickin' cake walk, and an individual who puts them self in the "arena" (as T. Roosevelt called it) makes a HUGE sacrifice for this great country. . . and for what? So some asshole can point a hypocritical finger at your sons and question whether they're giving enough because they haven't volunteered to put on a uniform? So some drop-shot can question your religion and faith in God? So some lowlife muckraker can put you and your family and your business and your education and every decision you've ever made under a microscope to sell some sensational, out of context, headline for the Dan Rather "Gotcha Affect"? Running for office, RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT, is indeed a sacrifice and the fact that a man's sons would put their lives on hold and join in that sacrifice speaks as much about that man as it does the sons. Mitt, nor his son's, owe anyone an apology. Some of us, many of us, recognize that the honor of participating in our democratic process is, indeed, a sacrifice.

And while I'm on a rant, chew on this. . . there is no comparison to the soldier who puts their life on the line, (or the fire fighter or police officer, for that matter) but statistically, you have a greater chance being killed as president (nearly 10%*) than you do fighting in Iraq (just under 3%**). I know it ain't apples to apples but if you want some out of context, BS, headline. . . chew on that. . . its absolutely true.


I took a wait-n-see on Fred Thompson (he still isn't in as of this post by the way) and, I'm going to take a wait-n-see on Michigan's January 15th Primary. I'll bet a buck the dems back out and the GOP runs a Convention on January 28-29th to pick our nominee. Either way, Mitt is in the driver's seat here at home. Some might think the Convention would slow down his post Iowa/NH momentum going later in January, but your Mittiot would rather go AFTER South Carolina anyway. SC seems poised to offer Fred a squeaker maybe even Giuliani . . though I'm told Romney is on the rise in SC. The way I figure, Iowa, NH, Nevada will go solidly Romney, Florida is looking good, SC is iffy, but a late January victory in Michigan will give the Governor the last bounce before Tsunami Tuesday - from there, it's a horse race to the White House!


UK authorises human/animal cell research

British authorities have given the green light to controversial research involving implanting human DNA in animal cells. The aim is to create hybrid embryos from which stem cells can be extracted. Experts say such research is critical to unlocking treatments for genetic diseases.

Embryo Scientist Professor Lyle Armstrong said: "In one day we can easily get 200 cow eggs from a local slaughter house, the same applies to rabbits or perhaps pigs that we may be able to use. So it offers us a chance to make embryonic stem cell technology more accessible to everyone,"But Britain's Human Fertilization and Embryology Authority ruled that research projects should be considered on a case-by-case basis. That reflects ethical concerns by opponents who claim the procedure violates the rights of human embryos.

THIS IS EXACTLY THE PATH REALISTS KNEW WAS COMING. . . Man-Bear-Pig is just around the corner. Needless to say Mitt Romney and the Pro-Life community were right!

~ so sayeth the Mittiot

* 43 Presidents (42 if you don't count Cleveland twice) with 4 assassinated while in office (Lincoln, Garfield, McKinley, Kennedy) ** 130,000 troops in Iraq with 3,738 tragic, TRAGIC, casualties.


Blogger said...

You might have been gone for a while but when you came back you REALLY came back! :)

Thanks for the hat-tip. You're right... blogging ain't easy. But it's a fun way to stay involved. And, I've become convinced, it's important!

Even if it means I'm up at 4:30 every morning to get something going before that whole "real world" thing calls me back again.


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