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Fellow Mittiots, if you have yet to see our man Mitt defend his faith in the proper American context. . . well, you need to! [Click Here - to watch the whole YouTube video - free of Snowmen, but long on disc-jerky]

As noted via the post above, the radio station's web cam continued to record after Mitt was "off the air" from his radio interview with Jan "let me tell you about your faith" Mickelson. Mickelson. . . hmmmmm, a bit frustrating to watch.

At any rate, your Mittiot remembers fondly when in 2000, I and thousands of my closest GOP friends congregated along the railroad stations as GW and Cheney made their way across the state via an old fashion locomotive campaign rally. Now, I don't believe it was in East Lansing (just off the Mitt-chigan State campus. . . that's right, I said "Mitt-chigan") where I was straining to get a glimpse of the next president of the united States, but on the news there was a candid moment along the Mitt-chigan rally when, waiving and smiling from the podium, GW leans over to Cheney - still smiling, still waiving - and says something like: "There's so and so from the New York Times." And, Cheney leans over - still smiling, still waiving - and says something to the effect of: "Yeah, what an A%# Hole. . ." I'm sure I wasn't alone in my cheers when the media outlets played and replayed the look-see as to real person running president. The NYT was - and to this day still is - pulling a hack job on the candidates. Hey, say what you want about his/their policies, but the team has remained real. In the end, GW didn't carry Michigan, but it sure helped to set the tenor of the race and Michigan was in definite play that year.

Which brings me to Romney. The Hufficrats (lacking any real criticism) keep calling Mitt too polished - actually they call him "smooth talker" (after four years of blaming GW for butchering the English language, now their criticism weighs on being too articulate. . . keep grasping) - it was great to see our man Mitt defend - PASSIONATELY - his beliefs! Whether they're of his faith or of his optimism for this country, it is good to know with confidence that Romney will fight for those foundational values that make a person want to conserve our current American culture.

No wonder Mitt's winning in Iowa, NH, and Mitt-chigan. When people get to know Mitt Romney they, too, are pulled into the Mittiot column.

~ so sayeth the Mittiot. . .

PS. . . A little something sent to me about Mitt's run in Iowa. [Click the Pic - to see the trailer]


Blogger said...

I actually saw that video not too long ago.

I thought he handled it pretty well. Wasn't going to take anything from that disc jokey.

Was interesting to see the various responses to the whole ephisode. Sort of broke along candidate lines, as, I suppose, I should have expected.


September 4, 2007 at 10:16 AM  
Blogger said...

Oh, hey, one more thing... is Mitt going to be campaigning in Michigan at all?

Oh, that's right... he is... isn't he? So is McCain and Thompson and Rudy.

They're all going to ask for our votes. Kinda refreshing when you've got an entire Democrat field of candidates telling us we're not worth their time or effort.


September 4, 2007 at 10:17 AM  
Blogger The Daily Mittiot said...

See you in Mackinac?!


September 6, 2007 at 12:25 AM  

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