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Your Mittiot was just picking through a "UltiMitt.org" forum on Mitt's VP selection. "Cart-ish before the Horse-ish," I know, but still a lotta fun to think of what kind of dream team might be put together once Mitt wins the nomination.

Some great arguments were made for Newt Gingrich - though your Mittiot has already called on Newt to do what God seemingly put him on this great earth to do: Be the driving force behind "calling a National Constitutional Convention." Newt Gingrich is a modern day Ben Franklin, as smart as the day is long, but best suited for leadership behind the scenes.

Concern for the Hispanic vote led to some convincing talk of Mel Martinez of Florida. Interesting. Only an idiot would discount the importance of Florida, a "Mittiot" would reference the blog below and note that if Hillary gets the nod, Florida is in play. I don't believe Mel needs to be on the ticket to move the Cuban community to Mitt's side, we just need Hillary. . . oh and the photo below:

FLORIDA: Cuban Community Outraged as Elion Gonzales Sent Back to a Dictatorial Regime by Clinton Administration.

No. Mel isn't necessary, plus he has his hands full winning back majorities in the House and Senate for the GOP.

Of those running, Huckabee got a lot of play. Your Mittiot likes Huckabee. I like him personally, and governors have had a nice run in becoming President. In fact, unless my trivia mechanism is off, since the turn of the last century there have been more presidents who haven't served in Congress than have. And, since Ford (God rest his soul) it's been Gov., Gov., VP, Gov., Gov. - so Mike has history on his side. Unfortunately (for Mike), so does Mitt, and Mitt's the better candidate. I don't think 2 Gov.s on the ticket makes sense (which takes Tommy out, too) even though a good argument was made about the need to carry the South and the Christian Right vote - However, I think the South remains "Solid" as long as the Dems put Hillary (or the Northerner - Obama) on the ticket. Under this guise for a "Dream Team" I think Brownback would make a better ticket, but Ol' Sam has been so voracious in his attacks against Romney, I'm afraid he might pull a LBJ on our man Mitt should he actually become VP.

So what of Fred Thompson? Plausible, but what the hell would Fred Thompson want to be VP for (ending in a preposition for the "Aw shucks, Fred" effect)? And, as someone in the forum noted, he seems like he'd be "a pretty lazy Vice President." I don't know about that, but I don't see much incentive for Fred to be second seat on the dreamiest of dream teams (and, all together now, Lefty Media, "He's not even running, yet!").

Which pretty much sums up why John McCain won't be on the ticket with Mitt, either. As a side bar, I think McCain's calling is to be the "Straight Talk Senator" for the War on Terror with its obvious central front in Iraq - this is where our media-hoodwinked country needs him most.

Though I didn't see his name come up often (if at all within the UltiMitt.org forum), I do have a former student, Lance Hagerman, who swears Duncan Hunter is the man to beat for the presidency. Well, grasshopper, you missed the pebble. BUT, all the attributes noted on Duncan's behalf do make Hunter an interesting choice for VP. California in play would be HUGE. . . I just don't see it happening. Hunter's gift to America (and that of Tancredo) is to keep pushing enforcement of the current immigration laws while first securing the border. Both he and Tancredo's run for president has given a great soap box for this incredibly defining moment in our history.

Who's left (besides the Hufficrats, Socialists, Media, Trial Lawyers. . .)? Oh, Giuliani. Hmmm, NO. Not that your Mittiot has anything against Rudy personally, I could support the G-Man in the unlikelihood that he gets the nod - but he is almost my least favorite of the GOPers (I rank him along side of Tickle-me-Tommy, yet not higher than Tancredo, nor Jim Gillmore). There's no doubt that Rudy is the "Centrist" running. . . and that's the problem. Without going into some long dusty lecture about the ideological makeup of the country - just know this: There are no voting centrists in this country. The closest you get are "Center-Right" and/or "Center-Left" voters casting ballots with the partisans. The country is looking for decisive direction - either liberty through reduced levels of government arm-twisting OR forced equity through centralizing an ever expanding government. Alter egos never make good running mates, even if they're from the same side of the spectrum. And, as such I doubt we will see a Mitt/Rudy ticket.

So, who does the Mittiot see as the other half of the "Dream Team?" Boy, I tell you I would love to see Condi Rice join up with Mitt in a run for the White House. There's really nothing else to say. . . really. . . but. . . If your Mittiot were to play Devil's Advocate, the only possible, minuscule, chink in the armor, might be the nagging question: "Did Mitt choose Condi because she's black?" 40 years after Dr. Kings greatest plea to be judged by the content of one's mind, your Mittiot has no doubt the question would be raised - thank you, "affirmative action." In my humble lil' opinion lets have that debate. . . The bottom line: No, I do not believe the Rice addition would be too much of a distraction. Especially if we find ourselves running against a Clinton/Obama tag-team of futility. The real question, however, is why isn't Rice running for President? She's had the opportunity, but I don't think she has the desire. Would she have the desire to be VP? EEEEEH, Maybe. . .

One thing is certain, I do like the prospect of a strong female on the ticket with Mitt. So your Mittiot's choice of VP candidate would be a female because she's just that, "a she." Though one of my fellow Michiganian strategists said you "can't out-woman a woman candidate." I'm not so sure this is the case with Hillary. I believe there may be a lot of Right Centrist women (and those on the Left who just can't stand Hillary) who stay put (or cross over) with a strong female VP choice. Condi Rice is one, Elizabeth Dole may be another (though, I'm not sure how strong she comes off, after all the VP must be seen as having the potential of becoming President - she tried, didn't work), a member of the forum mentioned the Gov. of Alaska, Sarah Palin, but she's the first term governor of Alaska, which leaves your Mittiot a little, well, cold. No, fellow Mittiots, the best bet for our GOP "Dream Team." (Drum-roll, please) would be adding Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison of Texas to the ticket!

Senator Hutchison is strong, seasoned, comes off as being Presidential material, and is from the great state of Texas (33 electoral votes and besides Hollywierd, who doesn't like Texas?). She hasn't, to your Mittiot's knowledge, wavered on the War on Terror, nor Immigration (with credibility in coming from the state with the longest border with Mexico). She would compliment Mitt in her congressional experience (serving on the all important Senate Appropriations Committee, Transportation and Veterans Affairs), and she has been consistent on "issues of the state" from personal protection rights to opposing liberal federal abortion laws. "W. Mitt Romney & Kay Bailey Hutchison" this is your Mittiot's learned pick for our 2008 GOP Dream Team.

~ so sayeth the Mittiot. . . what say you, Senator?


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