Tuesday, June 26, 2007



Pardon me fellow Mittiots, sometimes your Daily-Blogger here is a little thick in the melon. I couldn't figure out the Mitt Romney/Dolphin guy connection. . . Until I went through a list of dolphin-related endorsements and came across the Dolphin Safe Tuna Association's (Dol-Sa-Tu-Asso) key endorsement of the former MA Governor for President. Seems our man Mitt has been anointed with the "Dolphin's Best Friend" designation ("coveted by all, earned by one" - as the website notes). I guess you DO learn something new every day.

Way to go Mitt! And, when your Mittiot eats his Tuna Fish - NAY, DOLPHIN SAFE Tuna Fish - sandwich, with the creamy mayo and bits of dilly dill - I'll smile and think, "If the dolphins love 'em - he's got to be good for America!"

~ so sayeth the Mittiot


Blogger Right of Attila said...

Those who call Mitt a flip flopper need to get it right...he is a flipper....he has never flip floped....flipping is OK as long as it is a course correction to the right...(never to the left)...so says the one who has been told he is just to the right of Attila....

June 28, 2007 at 3:53 PM  

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