Sunday, June 24, 2007



YEEASH! Talk about going from "hero to zero" in no time flat, John McCain's "Straight Talk Express" is sliding out of control and there ain't a snow tire out there that can stop it. It isn't the overt, kick him while he's down, campaign prop that has caught the eye of yours truly, it's the fact that I am seeing polling that includes "without McCain running" numbers. A good assessment of what's happened to McCains campaign came by way of RasmussenReports:

In a nutshell - McCain's campaign was suspect from the start but has never really gotten going. "Butter on the rails" includes campaign finance reform and most recently, immigration legislation. By the by, it'll be "bumps across the board" in poll numbers "without McCain running."


The Fort Wayne Journal Gazette has a pretty good rundown of primaries and handicapping of their outcome. No real eye-poppin' predictions, other than Thompson's variable impact. Check it out at:

If I were to venture a guess (and why not?) your Mittiot would bet on a victory in Iowa, New Hampshire, and Michigan if we go early as predicted (Nevada is in serious play). This momentum may/might/should take Team Romney through Florida strongly (especially, if we win Nevada with the three states mentioned) - South Carolina is a stopper. If your Mittiot were pushin' the buttons for Mitt's campaign, I'd triple the efforts being waged in South Carolina, address their concerns: faith (versus a particular religion), strong defense, tough on illegal immigration, and a fair-trade agreement with China to secure SC. If Mitt can close North, South, East and West early primaries - which I believe he will - Mitt will be our candidate.


What the??? As an individual who didn't see the Soprano's Finale (and thanks for ruining it by the way) your Mittiot was more than perplexed by the Clinton for President commercial. To tell you the truth, I thought it was a parity on them. . . at the very least we all now know that if Clinton is elected President (double Yeeash) we can say "hello" to carrot sticks and "goodbye" to onion rings - a lil' Hillary-Care preview. . .

~so sayeth the Mittiot.


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