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ON THE STATE OF THE "STRUGGLING STATE": "Mittiot?" - not for this report - this is purely a report of the shoddy job our "Governor" (you'd think there's an implication of "Governance" in that title) is doing TO the citizens of Michigan. So, let's call it the "Daily Michiganian" today or some semblance there of. . .
If there's any connection to the Daily Mittiot's central topic - it's WHY can't Michigan have a Governor like Mitt Romney?
To My Michigan Readers: As we continue this debate of raising taxes on citizens or reducing spending, I just wanted to bring to your attention the following: >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Credit: State Senator, Jack Hoogendyk ( for the info, I received via Nick's site ( "Lets start with a contract to IBM for "Lawson Implementation" for the state's Human Resource Management Network. What started in 1999 as a contract for $16 million expired at the end of last year. Any guess on what it ballooned to by the time the state got if off the books? Don't bother, I'll tell you. Nearly $33 million. That's more than a 100% increase. In other words, IBM got the contract to do something for the state and for whatever reason the bureaucrats in Lansing let the dollars get away from them. Outrageous, right? Hardly. That's a tame example. Lets take a look at a few more... Company: Ameritech Purpose: Master contract for voice and data communications and network services Signed for: $17,198,640 Ballooned to: $128,991,909 Increased: 650% Company: Electronic Data Systems Purpose: End-user computing hardware, software and services for agencies statewide through DMB Signed for: $57,639,222 Ballooned to: $555,089,402 Increased: 863% Company: Unisys Corporation Purpose: Mainframe hardware and software for the MI Information Processing Center Signed for: $28,663,778 Ballooned to: $92,169,104 Increased: 222% Company: Oracle Corporation Purpose: Software and support for state agencies Signed for: $2,000,000 Ballooned to: $144,055,000 Increased: 7,103% (7,103%? 7,103 PERCENT???????? $142,000,000.00 taxpayer dollars! Here's your revenue sharing - The Michiganian) Company: Motorola, Inc Purpose: 800 MHz radio system for Michigan State Police Signed for: $187,275,915 Ballooned to: $228,442,720 Increased: 22% Company: GC Services Limited Partnership Purpose: MARCS for the Department of Treasury Signed for: $63,927,140 Ballooned to: $189,878,143 Increased: 197% Company: Nextel West Corp. Purpose: Nextel Communication Units / Training / Service for all State agencies Signed for: $963,584 Ballooned to: $3,963,584 Increased: 311% Company: Policy Studies, Inc. Purpose: Project management services providing assistance in transition planning and program management for MiCSES Signed for: $5,548,205 Ballooned to: $200,284,950 Increased: 3,510% (WHAT THE? - THIS IS FOR "TRANSITION PLANNING AND MANAGEMENT!" A 3,510% Increase! Something stinks! - The Michiganian) Company: Unisys Corporation Purpose: Computer consultants to provide maintenance, technical services and support for the ASSIST project for DHS Signed for: $13,123,792 Ballooned to: $53,431,398 Increased: 307% Company: Enfotech & Consulting Inc. Purpose: Consulting services for an electronic wastewater discharge reporting system for the DEQ. Signed for: $472,580 Ballooned to: $4,411,773 Increased: 834% Company: IBM Corporation Purpose: Michigan Administrative Information Network (MAIN) technology services for the Department of Management and Budget Signed for: $69,213,188 Ballooned to: $230,453,294 Increased: 233% All told, information and technology contracts alone have ballooned by over *$1.67 BILLION ($167,000,000,000.00 taxpayer dollars). That's not responsible government and it clearly isn't "cutting to the bone." Never mind the discussion of whether or not we should be spending millions of dollars on things like cell phone training. With numbers like that, the administration's going to have a pretty tough time convincing many more people the state has a taxing problem, not a spending problem." <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< . . . The Governor seems to have an over-site problem AND a spending problem . . . So, Reader: When taken into consideration with the following facts below, it is clear: The GOVERNOR could, could have, should have, offered a balanced budget that protects Education, Health Care and Revenue Sharing (not to mention our Bond-rating) by just doing the job she was elected to do - fiscally administer public policy as set by the legislature. This is an unnecessary debate we are having. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Credit: Saul Anuzis, Chairman MIGOP for compiling the info and siting the source. "Following last Friday’s revenue estimating conference, state fiscal experts pegged current General Fund spending for fiscal year (FY 2007) at: $8,804,300,000.00 (Source: House Fiscal Agency) Governor Granholm’s budget for this year – mirrored in budget bills moving through the state House – calls for spending in the General Fund (FY 2008) of: $9,610,900,000.00 (Source: Governor’s Executive Budget Recommendation for FY 2008) Today, House Democrats are poised to vote on a plan to raise people’s income taxes, a move that would bring to Lansing next year: $900,000,000.00 (Source: House Democratic Policy Documents) RECAP: The Governor has requested an INCREASE in state spending of 9.1 percent (Source: HFA and Executive Budget Recommendation) While the current Consumer Price Index has only increased 2.1 percent (Source: Consensus Revenue Estimating Conf.) AND, the Dems propose to hike state income tax 18 percent (Source: House Bill 4500)" to pay for the INCREASE in spending. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< The $1.3 Billion dollar shortfall that we NEED to close OR ELSE sickly, uneducated, students will not receive their dire health care via their floundering county health agency (stick with me: the predicted "sky is falling" cuts in education, health care & revenue sharing) - YET, all the Governor had to do was insure that the CONTRACTs agreed upon came in at the amount negotiated. To put it another way, THE $1.67 BILLION we OVER SPENT in just technology and information CONTRACTs would have covered the predicted shortfall. (And Granholm would still have a cushy 300 Million left in balance to fly the kids to the island for a sleepover - note the sarcasm.) To put it still another way: The Dems - who want businesses to pay "their fare share" - Piddled HALF of the SBT dollars collected from ALL State businesses ("MONIES WE CAN'T POSSIBLY DO WITHOUT!") by drastically over-paying just these 12 companies above. . . ABSOLUTELY DUMBFOUNDING! NOTE TO GRANHOLM: JUST DO YOUR JOB! ~ so sayeth the "Michiganian"

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