Thursday, May 24, 2007


Romney Wins the CRNC Straw Poll! With a Howard Dean-like, "YEAAAOW" your fellow Mittiot clamors from his desk chair perched in front of his compooper! Primaries are won in the trenches, not in the press, not by bloggers (wait a second. . . what?) and not by hefty priced haircuts. Primaries are won in the trenches and, my dear bloggee, the trench battles are fought and won by the grassroots warriors - in other words, the all so important "college student." God love 'em, those young adults who have yet to be sullied by the political process or to find out just how much "fun" door-to-dooring, lit drops & phone banking can really be! If money is the "Mother's Milk" then college students are the 'Nilla Wafers - and it seems the Romney's pantry is gut-bustin' stocked in Milk and Cookies!
A soft reminder to all those who want to put Mitt in the White House - which includes your Mittiot - campaigns ebb and flow, and in the end we're all in it for the same reason: to turn the ol' Red White & Blue, U.S. of A just a bit more RED then liberal blue. So the following isn't meant to kick a man while he's going down, nor call into question the affable capabilities of the individual. . . but, hey, why Blog if all you're going to write is Milk Toast?
So, according to Arizona Daily Star (which for all I know may be just another liberal rag - a la the Boston Globe - hell bent on unseating another Republican),
A Senior State Republican, said that ''if McCain wants to be a full-time candidate and not be at the Senate, he ought to consider resigning.'' Pearce's comments come days after McCain lashed out at fellow Republican Senator John Cornyn (R-TX), after the Texan called out McCain for being''out of line'' by choosing to ''parachute in'' at the last minute despite not sitting in on negotiations on the Senate immigration bill. At that time McCain responded by accusing Cornyn of ''making a 'chickens-t' argument'' and shouting, ''Expletive you!'' We'll wait to see how McCain responds to the fellow Arizona Republican.
NOTE TO JOHN: It might be time for you to follow the lead of Bob Dole and commit full-time - and then CALL ON HILLARY AND OBAMA to do the same! Same advise as given to Fred: It's time to poop or scoot! "Full-time" or "No-time!"
On a similar note, according to the National Journal, seems the McCain team has just lost their S.C. Campaign Director, Brad Henry. Henry's moving on to run an AG re-Election race. AG re-Election race? are things really that bad. . . most rats at least wait for the ship to take on water.
~ so sayeth Steve Sachs - not really. . . though if I know Steve. . .

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