Tuesday, May 22, 2007


ON PRINCIPLE VERSUS POLICY: STOP THE PRESSES! THE MITTIOT HAS JUST FOUND OUT ROMNEY HAS CHANGED HIS POSITION ON ABORTION & GUN CONTROL! Really? I say good! and so do a lot of Republicans. The above is no longer news - and it hasn't been for a while. Why? Because of credibility. Mitt's credibility of principle and observable actions tell the story. Mitt Romney, dear friend, is no John Kerry - no matter how the field tries and tries to imply the ties. . . The Mittiot gravitated to the Romney campaign very early and has not been disappointed. I'll be the first to tell you that I do not line up with Mitt on every issue - not a big fan of No Child Left Behind for example - but on PRINCIPLE, you can't but love the man. 1st. The Mittiot is the "Mittiot" because he truly believes Romney is running for the job of President - not the title (say that without laughing in the same breath as Hillary Clinton). In a closed room meeting prior to announcing, Romney explained he believes he has the ability to change Washington (REF: article below) for the better and assist this country on strengthening its tenants. To Romney, he is simply offering his talents, experience, and service - and that ultimately, the people will decide if they want to take him up on the offer. I believe him - I believe IN HIM. This is Proper Principle of Leadership. 2nd. Romney wears his moral principles on his sleeve. He's willing to change his mind given the facts. If he makes a mistake he admits it. He understands the black and white of right and wrong - especially re: the war on terror. His public life has been one of service and strength. His family life (by every indication) has been one of fidelity and love. These are the principles of the BEST among us. 3rd. Knows right from left. One very big reason your humble Mittiot leans right - let alone leans Romney - is the foundation of the Democrat party that "Government knows best - and therefore the bigger and more omnipotent the Government the better off you and I." To that (to quote my son), I say, "AWWW - PIZZLE!" and so does Mitt, though probably not verbatim. This is Common Sense, American, Conservative, Principle. 4th. An intelligent communicator. Key to a representative democracy is knowing what the heck is going on. . . AND WHY. Read Mitts "Agenda" and listen to him, he really is Reagan-esk in thought and delivery. This is the American Principle of Representative Democracy. Mitt Romney's "principles" - not his positions - will carry him through the GOP primary. ON CHANGING WASHINGTON: ______________________________________________________________ http://www.sltrib.com/news/ci_5957864 Romney says he'd bring new approach to Washington The Salt Lake Tribune wire services Article Last Updated: 05/22/2007 Posted: 7:11 AM- By Jill Zuckman, Chicago Tribune BOSTON - For Mitt Romney, the multimillionaire venture capitalist turned Olympic savior turned politician, all is going according to plan. With an eye-popping $21 million raised in the first quarter of this year for his presidential campaign and a steady stream of television advertising, the one-term former governor of Massachusetts has caught the attention of both voters and political insiders. Star turns at the first two Republican debates gave his candidacy yet another shot of credibility. . . _____________________________________________________________ ~ so sayeth the Mittiot. . . and it seems the Boston Tribune.


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