Wednesday, May 16, 2007


ON FOX DEBATE: Did anyone catch the supple yet noticeable remark Rudy made to McCain re: Gilmore's catchy 'Rudy McRomney' tag? When asked about it, the former Mayor of NYC noted that it sounded like a "great ticket. . ." and then he added ". . . and, John, in that order." Was Rudy stretching out a hand to John McCain for a Giuliani/McCain ticket???? Luckily, we shouldn't have to worry about it - as I'm coining the new tag, "Mitt Rice-ney". . . now that's a ticket. ON "FLIP-FLOP MITT:" There's a credibility issue - but not on the side of Romney, it's on the side of all those self- proclaimed conservatives that push to get individuals to make principled statement's supporting the cause and then beat them up when they do. It's the old "carrot on a stick" routine: You reach for the carrot as offered and when you do, you get whacked with the stick! NOTE TO CONSERVATIVES EVOKING THE SPIRIT OF RONALD REAGAN: REAGAN WAS A CARD CARRYING COMMUNIST BEFORE HE BECAME A REPUBLICAN! He was wrong, he admitted it, changed his positions on - among other things - ABORTION, and was arguably the best President this country has ever witnessed. Mitt has made no compunction about telling the nation he has come around on certain issues - is it a "flip flop" - well if it is, there are a whole bunch of politicians who've done, are doin' and will be doin' the "flippy-flippy-shake." ON FRED THOMPSON: If the conservatives really want Fred - why aren't Fred's numbers better? We've been talkin' about him for the past two months - he's a de facto candidate. NOTE TO FRED: "CRAP OR GET OFF THE POT" - you're giving the left-wing pundits a reason to create controversy. If the Republican Base cannot find a candidate to their liking from the 10 (well, 9 and Ron Paul) candidates that have announced then they aren't listening to what our guys are saying. Thompson will not tell the party faithful anything that hasn't been said by Mitt or Mike or Duncan. We have a flavor to fit every GOP Taste - Fred Thompson will just be a lot more of the same 'ol. Please, Fred, get in if you're getting in. . . or dump the feign. ~ so sayeth the Daily Mittiot.

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