Friday, June 15, 2007

IM BACK. . .

Hello fellow Mittiots! Or should I say "Hola!" for our "just north" of the border readers. Speaking of "north of the border" (note the sag way) the tree-huggers will be happy to note I spent my time flicking paint on the tattered screened-porch rather than flicking flies on the Pine River. There were some holy risers - but the porch needed attending to. . . Painting, however, does give you just as much time to think as fishing does - more probably - and I couldn't help but think why I was painting the porch when there are so many ding darn day laborers in our midst. Upon more pondering, I came to the conclusion that a true economist might find that maybe we have a problem with minimum wages and expectations in this country, rather than an illegal immigration problem. . .

Speaking of "illegal immigration" (note the sag way) seems as if the McCain-Kennedy immigration bill just won't die - though it should, and here's why: Some politician said, "to do nothing is defacto amnesty". . . well, "No Crap, Sherlock." But here's the deal - we already have all we need in place to address the concerns of the vast majority of the American people. We have appropriations and authorization (thanks to Duncan Hunter, as he reminds us often) to build a double fence and secure our border. Secondly, the very fact we call illegal aliens, "ILLEGAL" aliens tells me that the laws already exist to deal with peoples in this country ILLEGALLY. NOTE TO WASHINGTON (McCain in particular): Common-sense wins the day on this one. And, common folk, like yours truly, expect that when this bill dies the laws in place will be enforced. AND, might I just add, "way to lead DEMOCRATS!"

And speaking of the Democrat "Leadership" (note the sag way, and the little bit of sarcasm) can they do anything else non-binding and meaningless while we fight this war? Congress deserves the approval rating its getting. People are fed-up with the feds.

And speaking of being fed-up with the feds (note the. . . oh, forget it) is there anyone else out there that feels now is the time for the states to call a Constitutional convention?


I couldn't blather on without remembering why I'm the "Mittiot" and why (hopefully) you're reading this blog! Romney is going to win the nomination, and while I shouldn't have to say more, I'll comport: Romney's Team is too tough, and we've proved it again and again. The latest case in point - The IOWA STRAW POLL - sent both Giuliani and McCain packing presumably to reassemble in New Hampshire. Well, good luck, the Romney Team is there, too - and we're trending on top [ref:] (though its early. . . by the by, when is it not early anymore? I guess "Feb 6th"), but never fear, Michigan is here! NOTE TO JOHN & RUDY: Don't look for safe haven in South Haven. If Mitt's team is strong and committed anywhere - it's right here in his home state. So where do non-Romney's go to gain traction? Florida? We're there, too. South Carolina? Maybe, but we've got a pretty good team there too? Arizona? Holy Cow, don't make me laugh. . . Romney's going to win. Best start thinkin' Vice Presidency. . .

~ so sayeth the fishless Mittiot

OH, and before I forget: LA Times/Bloomberg 06/07 - 06/10 1056 RV ROMNEY 43%, CLINTON 41% - Romney remains the Lefts worst nightmare. . .


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