Wednesday, June 6, 2007


ON THE CNN DEBATE: Romney won the debate! Actually, I really don't know who "won" as your mighty Mittiot failed to turn on the debate until, literally, John McCain gave his last statement from his little red chair. . . HOWEVER, I did watch the post-debate blather and (given it was CNN. . . and Mike Tobin was the "Centrist?" of the three panelists, which included Ariana Huffington) I gather that Mitt held his own ~ if not made headway on defining a choice between he and McCain. - I did witness the evoking of Reagan's 11th (Ref. Below) - BUT ONLY IN REGARD TO THE CANDIDATES ON STAGE. NOTE TO GOP CANDIDATES: G. W. BUSH IS A REPUBLICAN. "Running from Bush" is a sure way to lose favor with the heart of the GOP primary voters - including your faithful Mittiot. - ~ so "warneth" the Mittiot - JUST A NOTE: The Mittiot will be casting for fish over the next few days - Post to come SATURDAY. - TDM


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