Sunday, May 27, 2007


ON MEMORIAL DAY: If there is a soldier out there reading this post - or a family member who can convey as much - please know that I and my family thank God for your service and commitment - everyday. We understand that you are fighting "over there" so my son does not EVER have to witness the horror and the tears of 9/11 while sitting in his classroom. You fight to ensure he'll never have to hear the sadness of those final cell calls to loved ones as hope runs out - so he does not have to come to understand with anguish what heroism has to do with the phrase "Let's Roll" - nor the cynicism of "got-cha" politics when our soldiers are in the middle of the fight for OUR lives. We understand - and for your service & sacrifice - we are so thankful.

The Iraqi girl comforts the grieving American soldier.
"The Truth" According to an article in ARNEWS, the Army News service, this eRumor is true. ARNEWS says the sculptor's name is Kalat. He was forced to fashion statues of Saddam Hussein including some that were later destroyed by U.S. military explosives. The bronze pieces of the statues were sent to Kalat and he made the memorial using a picture of a U.S. soldier, 1st Sgt. Glen Simpson, kneeling as a model. According to ARNEWS, Kalat worked with another artist on the Saddam Hussein statutes, but designed and fashioned the U.S. model on his own. It's on display in Iraq and is destined to eventually be on display at Fort Hood, where it will become part of a larger memorial project at the 4th Inf. Div. museum.
God, Let this truly be the war to end all wars.
~ so sayeth a "Grateful Nation"

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