Tuesday, June 5, 2007


ON REAGAN'S 11th COMMANDMENT: Two posts from the "Hotline" caught the Mittiot's eye as I half surfed/half cleaned the Mittiot HQ. The posts note what I believe most already know - "Mitt is the Threat" and, therefore, "Mitt is the Target." Let's be a bit careful out there my GOP faithful. It's O.K. to scrap a bit, but lets not kill each other (and the real prize of Nov. '08) in the process. We already have our hands full with the Lefties. . . Remember Reagan's 11th: Thou shall not speak ill of a fellow Republican (or at least so "ill" they can't win the Presidency, whoever they are). HOTLINE POSTS: http://blogometer.nationaljournal.com/archives/2007/06/65_all_eyes_on.html 6/5: All Eyes On Mitt The Blogometer doesn't even need to look at the polls to tell who is currently ahead in NH. Judging by blog attacks, both anonymous and not, Mitt Romney is clearly the frontrunner in the Granite State. Whether it's shots on Mormonism from Rudy Giuliani or questions on abortion from Sam Brownback, the GOP field is signaling all guns will be trained on Romney 6/5. Will CNN's apparent preference for top-tier air time, will Romney benefit from more time to respond to opponent charges, or will John McCain and Giuliani shy away from challenging Romney head on?
ROMNEY: Wonder Who Everyone's Really Worried About In NH NY Sun's Ryan Sager exposed efforts by the Rudy Giuliani campaign to promote a Salt Lake Tribunestory tying Mitt Romney to a disavowed Mormon prophecy. Sager later posts an apology from the Giuliani campaign: "This was a regrettable mistake and is not acceptable. We extend our sincere apologies to Governor Romney and reaffirm our commitment to running a clean campaign." Townhall's Matt Lewis comments: "Until now, it was unclear whether this story was being pushed by the McCain campaign, the Giuliani campaign -- or was merely spreading organically. Sager's revelation demonstrates that the Giuliani campaign is pushing the anti-Romney story." The Corner's Kathryn Jean Lopez adds: "If There Is Going to be a Mormon Whisper Campaign ... I suspect it won't be Romney, but the camp that is doing the whispering, who will be hurt." Townhall's Lewis also notes that Sam Brownback's campaign is "going after Mitt Romney for his failure to label abortion 'murder.'" Again: Best reference Reagan's 11th Commandment. ~so sayeth the Mittiot (and Ronald Reagan)

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