Tuesday, June 19, 2007


BOSTON - Forget the national polls for Mitt Romney. Slowly, methodically, the Republican presidential contender has seized the advantage in the early states that count, relying on a solid organization, $4 million in advertising, and an aggressive approach.
The story circulating is no surprise to your Mittiot. Living in "Mitt-chigan" (a phrase your Mittiot is trade-marking as you read this blog) - an early primary state - we've seen the power of the Commonwealth PAC and the Romney Team from way back while I was Chair of the Jackson Co. GOP. Romney has a stronghold on Michigan - not because he was first to ask - but because he was first to act. He was there more than any other to assist the State Party in saving what it could of our GOP majorities during a 2006 "bad year" for Republicans. . . Romney has been at the forefront in recognizing the "Rust-Belt Woes" of a manufacturing shift in a global industrial age. . . and, Romney, in stark comparison, has been able to back-up the promises and campaign posturing by pointing to his economic successes in Massachusetts (which no one can deny is doing better following Romney's rein of leadership versus prior to it. . . accept, maybe, the current Delusional Dem. Governor and, maybe, the Boston Herald, oh. . . and Mike Tobin - the hack).
Steve Sachs (the 7th District Wunderkind - and former student of mine) hit the nail on the head when he simply remarked, "Romney sells himself without selling "himself." In other words, Romney's record and Romney's presence cannot help but draw people to him. Hence, his numbers creeping ever upward nationally, and his rise to the top of the early primary states.
~ so sayeth the Mittiot


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