Sunday, June 24, 2007

A TWO-FER. . .


What the? The Daily Mittiot is "Twice Daily?" No, as loyal readers can attest the Daily Mittiot is struggling to retain its "Daily". . . But, while I had some time, I was surfing and came across a great Blog on the problem with one-sided panels. Specifically, Tim Russert's "Meet The Press" and the GOP bashing that took place unchecked. See the "News Busters" article on the subject:

Its worth the read, but what struck your sort-of-Daily Mittiot was the following excerpt:

MR. HARWOOD: "Well, it could. We don’t really know what—how Fred Thompson’s going to define himself. You know, what, what is his candidacy about? He seems to be identified favorably by conservative Republicans as their guy of the moment. That wasn’t necessarily his reputation as a United States senator. He had some of that McCain maverick in him, certainly on campaign finance reform and other things. So we don’t really know exactly how he’s going to position himself in the race and where he’s going to fit. But I tell you what,Mitt Romney is quite well-positioned right now. He’s doing very well in Iowa, doing well in New Hampshire, he’s doing well financially. He’s becoming much better known, and his negatives are very low. Watch Romney in this race."

"Watch Romney in this race. . ." that strikes me as an honest assessment by a liberal commentator (al beit during a weak moment while bashing Thompson). Your Mittiot has said it again, and again, "the Left knows Mitt is going to win."

~ so sayeth the Mittiot (twice daily. . .)


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