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Though your Mittiot hasn't been quick to blog, I have been scanning the web for Romney notes to pass on. . . trouble is, the info has been rather milk-toast. Sure there's the DNC crap-ola that starts out as a CNN-TIME "news" piece (like Anna 'Super Hack' Cox report on Mitt's malicious romp of Irish-Setter torture, or the totally ridiculous 'Trooper Garrity ran my license plate' abomination that just won't grow legs no matter how many times it's reprinted), but every real news outlet seems to be waiting for the end of the quarter results which will help to determine who's got game. Your Mittiot's money is on Mitt being the big story, AGAIN. Why? He's got a great team - and if you want to lower expectations (which all candidates do) nothing lowers 'em faster than letting it out that you're loaning your campaign personal dollars. Watch for a bump come post-June 30th.


By the by, your Mittiot just had to remind a nay-sayer yesterday that National Polls reflect a nation uninvolved - look at the early primary states: Iowa, NH, Nevada, SC, MI and Florida, then tell me who's viable. . . Speaking of polls, FOX had an interesting tidbit about supporting an Independent presidential candidate - in short, people are not overtly opposed to it (though nearly 70% don't believe a third-party/indy candidate can win - and they're right). What caught your Mittiot's eye however was contained within the following excerpt:

FOX: More than twice as many voters think it would be good for the country if an independent candidate were to win the White House in 2008 than think it would be bad (45 percent good, 19 percent bad). In addition, there is rare partisan agreement on the issue as 42 percent of Democrats and 44 percent of Republicans think electing an independent candidate would be good for the country, as do 56 percent of self-described independents (emphasis added).

If only 56% of Independents would support electing an Independent, are they really independent? The Mittiot says, "NO." Most self-described Indy's are really Republicans afraid of getting brow-beaten by the Left. Be Proud, Be Loud, mine GOP! Wrest control from the Left and tell 'em with vigor that the degradation of society comes from a perceived lack of consequence (either on this plain or one more heavenly) - tell 'em that the bulk of poverty and ignorance comes from a lack of personal responsibility - tell 'em that rewriting the past won't save the future of tired and false promises that government (this time) has the answer - tell 'em. . . oh bag it, they ain't listening. Case in point: When the President moved toward fixing Social "Security" (we even had V.P. Cheney visit your Mittiot's campus) - I heard Dem after Dem tell me and the world, "Social Security doesn't need fixing - it is the greatest success story of our time. . ." Well I just heard on C-SPAN today - BY A DEMOCRAT - that without the illegal immigrants, Social Security would be in trouble. . . "greatest success story" my Mittiot-ass.


If Newt G. wants to have an impact upon America - he should use all his affable power to call the nation to a Constitutional Convention - before someone simply imposes Nationalized Healthcare without Constitutional consideration.

~ so sayeth the Mittiot


Blogger Right of Attila said...

I have flunked math...two accounting classes and have losed six checking accounts...and even I know that Social Security is a failure.......Let's start the constitutional convention...make it new...then maybe some people might know what is says...

June 28, 2007 at 4:12 PM  

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