Saturday, July 28, 2007



What an absolute joke. First, you have ALL the dems refusing to debate on FOX, then they kowtow to this ridiculous YouTube based debate where the CNN muckity-mucks put forth a bunch of Second City skits masquerading as "questions" to be answered - which they did. . . Now, excluding a couple second-tier candidates, the Republicans are skipping the side-show circus. I say good job! <Read Article Here>

Though Mitt had the cojones to call into question the format - most of the candidates skipping the CNN boondoggle (including the Romney campaign) point out that 3rd quarter campaign statements are due out at the time of the CNN scheduled de-excuse me while I laugh-bate. For the record, your Mittiot would skip the crap all together even if it's rescheduled. . . not because "real citizens" are asking the questions, BUT because the network chose goofy theatrics where a good question could just as easily be posed without all the falderal. Call you Mittiot ol' fashion, but answering a sock puppet on national television - during a debate for the future of the US (and, in reality the free-world) - isn't just beneath the candidates, it is beneath CNN and the rest of us who don't see the campaign as "entertainment," but as the extremely important exercise in the democratic process it is. . .

As a professor of political science, I have no time for the individual (or student for that matter) who has to be "entertained" to pay attention to problems our country needs to have addressed and the successes that need to be protected. In the end - though the Hufficrats will spin this as "Republicans too scared to answer real life citizens" the fault rests at the feet of CNN for cheapening the process for ratings. Here's a format for you: Ask a substantive question of one candidate and ask the next candidate to comment on that answer and give their own answer - in other words, lets have a real debate.

Call me ol' fashion, but the dem debate will most likely be the last time in our American experience where a sock puppet "deserves" to be addressed by someone wishing to sit in the oval office.

~ so sayeth the Mittiot.


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