Wednesday, July 18, 2007



Hey there fellow Mittiots, the often-times-daily, Daily Mittiot will be shooting to the GREAT STATE OF FLORIDA over the next few days to help secure that state for Mitt (and get my my cousin, "Cousin Mittiot," married off in the process!) . We're even going to spend some lint in Disney World to make sure "Mickey Mittiot" and "Minnie Mittiot" are on the Romney Train (we'll leave Goofy to the dems - he'll be right at home - Ooo Zinger!)

At any rate just a thought to ponder for my Michigan Brethren: Mitt is leading in Michigan - by a long shot [read the article] - it's time to get on board! Take a moment (if you haven't yet) to go to our Michigan site: and "Join the Team!" Shop the Gear, and maybe if you really want to help pull Michigan out of our one-state recession, make a contribution to the committee of the next President of the United States - our man Mitt Romney!

Mitt's going to win and you're going to make it happen!

~ so sayeth the Mittiot!

OH, And by the way you bunch of Yellow Journalists: "Don't know" is not the same as "None of the Above" - I actually groaned when I heard the story - [linked below] - keep graspin' Hufficrats, keep graspin'.

Republicans backing 'None of the above'

Excerpt: ". . .In comparison, "Other," "none" and "don't know" -- in other words, "none of the above" -- drew a total of 25 percent. . ." (in FL, 60% still don't know enough about Mitt Romney to give an opinion). Once again the Media proves its true value, the bunch of friggin' idiots - so sayeth (with an expletive or two) the Mittiot.


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