Saturday, July 14, 2007


ON ROMNEY AND RELIGION: Your Mittiot loathes these kinds of polls, especially if they come from Time, but the fact that Time has been relentless in fueling the question of Mitt's faith, there is some value to noting the following:

UNGODLY PAIR: POLL By CHARLES HURT Bureau Chief July 12, 2007 -- WASHINGTON - Voters put Rudy Giuliani and Hillary Rodham Clinton in the back pew when it comes to religious faith, according to a Time magazine poll out today. Just 15 percent said they think Clinton is "of strong religious faith," and 13 percent said the same about Giuliani - the lowest numbers of any White House candidates in either party.

By contrast, Mitt Romney and Barack Obama were seen as the 2008 hopefuls of the deepest faith. Twenty-six percent said Romney is strong on religion, while 24 percent said that about Obama.

"It's a reflection of the fact that the governor is tackling issues of faith and family values and he does so from a position of conviction," Romney spokesman Kevin Madden said. The Obama camp credits the Illinois senator's high church grades to his early years as an activist in Chicago.

"Obama began his career as a community organizer working with churches on the South side of Chicago," Jen Psaki said. "His Christian faith has been an important guiding post for who he is and how he views challenges like racial inequality, poverty and injustice in this country for the last 20 years."

Romney runs even with Clinton on religiosity among Democratic voters and trounces her among Republicans. Just five percent of GOP voters say Clinton's got religion.

It should be noted, that your Mittiot is not bashing Rudy (Hillary a little, maybe. . .) and maybe this story/poll is being floated to hurt the G-Man. I'm not interested in doing the devil's work, just interested in drawing attention to the fact that Romney's faith is a benefit to his campaign - NOT A LIABILITY (as the Hufficrats and Hufficans would have you believe). ~ so sayeth the Mittiot.


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