Tuesday, October 9, 2007



"I was afraid Granholm was going to tax the debate. . ." - Mitt Romney. Priceless.

We'll hit the debate tomorrow. Your Mittiot was on the road from ol' Jack-town to Dearborn during most of it to join Mitt and Ann in Dearborn after the debate and missed everything but Mitt's opener. I'm hoping CNBC replays it late night. By the by, don't get the wrong impression, your Mittiot was with about 200 of "his closest friends" waiting to cheer Gov. & Mrs. Romney as they came to a local eatery - not just hanging out at the Ford estate sipping tea with our next president. . . At any rate, we'll do a breakdown of the debate tomorrow. If I had to sum up what I've read, heard, and pretty much know: "This is becoming a Rudy/Romney Race."


Speaking of that, did anyone out there in the Zone catch Hannity and Combs last night? I'm speaking specifically of the Dr. James Dobson interview.

"HANNITY: Let me run through this a different way, because I think if we believe the polls — and sometimes they can be wrong — but I think right as of now the candidate for the Republicans will either be Rudy Giuliani, Senator Fred Thompson, or Mitt Romney — Governor Romney. And in the case of John McCain, he's still doing fairly well in the polls. You have now said publicly you will not support Rudy, you will not support Fred Thompson, you will not support John McCain. . ."

Which leaves "Governor Romney" as the only top-tier candidate "supportable" by Focus on the Family. . . COME ON SEAN, JOIN THE ROMNEY TRAIN. Hmmmmmmm, why won't the Media, Hufficrats and Hufficans acknowledge Mitt is the guy the GOP can/must support? [Read transcript - Watch video]


THIS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTABLE. Chairman Anuzis, we cannot - WILL NOT - have a repeat of 2000. The result was detrimental to our state and to our party. We have, quite frankly, been ignored by Washington ever since. Saul, call the Convention - forget the Primary ASAP (which means as soon as we know Hillary will be the only top tier candidate on the ballot - oh, it looks like we know this already). See story below:

Five Democrats Withdraw From Michigan Primary Tuesday , October 09, 2007

Five Democratic presidential candidates said Tuesday they would remove their names from primary ballots in Michigan, hoping to deal a blow to those who are pushing to elevate their home state's heft in the election process by front-loading the primary calendar.

Barack Obama and John Edwards, who trail only Hillary Clinton in the polls, as well as Bill Richardson and Dennis Kucinich filed paperwork to officially withdraw from the Jan. 15 contest, and Joe Biden said he would be following suit shortly.

Clinton's campaign said Tuesday she would remain in the Michigan race as did Connecticut Sen. Chris Dodd. In the most recent national polls, Clinton is leading her closest opponent — Obama — by 20 points or more, and could be breaking the three-way dead heat in Iowa among her, Obama and Edwards.

[See Complete Story Here]

It may be too early for I told you so. . . but I'm erasing the pencil and inking in the January 29th date - I recommend you do the same. Stay tuned Mittiots.

~ so sayeth the Mittiot

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