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Well, your Mittiot has seen the debate two and one half times now, and in my very bias opinion - as a Michiganian - Sheffield couldn't have knocked it out of the park any further Mitt Tuesday night.

Just between you and me, fellow Michiganians - the choice is clear - the Spartan State cannot afford to pass up a Romney Presidency. Mitt knows manufacturing, Mitt knows the auto industry, Mitt knows Michigan. I don't give a flyin' rat what you say about any other candidate - when it comes to Michigan, there's none better than Mitt Romney. PERIOD (and, yes I spelled out the punctuation).

My good friend Jason McBride (who is doing a bang up job as Michigan Campaign Director) sent me the following run down of "What They're Saying About Romney:"

The's John Fout: "Former Mass. Gov. Mitt Romney, who I think won the debate, was best prepared to answer the question. He suggested everyone had to pitch in to help the economy, including business and government. He recognized the need to fix schools, invest in technology, encourage free trade and keep taxes down. He took a shot at Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm, a Democrat, by jokingly suggesting he was 'nervous she would put a tax on the debate.'" (John Fout, "Middle Class Can't Read GOP's Lips In Debate," The,, Posted 10/9/07)

The New York Times' Adam Nagourney And Marc Santora: "Mr. Romney was sharpest in attacking Mr. Giuliani for efforts against the line-item veto. 'Mayor Giuliani took the line-item that the president had all the way to the Supreme Court and took it away from the president of the United States,' he said. 'I think that was a mistake.'" (Adam Nagourney and Marc Santora, "Romney and Giuliani Spar as New Guy Looks On," The New York Times, 10/10/07)

Detroit News Editorial: "All get the connection between lower taxes and higher economic growth, but only former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney brought it home to Michigan, slamming Gov. Jennifer Granholm for the recent budget-balancing tax hikes." (Editorial, "GOP debate validates state's primary decision," Detroit News, 10/10/07)

ABC's Brett Hovell And Christine Byun: "Romney delivered the line of the debate with his analysis of the actor's entry onto the stage. 'Is this our sixth debate, I think, something like that?' Romney began. 'This is a lot like "Law & Order," Senator. It has a huge cast, the series seems to go on forever, and Fred Thompson shows up at the end.'" (Brett Hovell and Christine Byun, "Romney Vs. Giuliani On Taxes," ABC News,, 10/9/07)

The New York Sun's Seth Gitell: "The former Massachusetts governor also scored early in the debate by bringing up the tax increase supported by Governor Granholm of Michigan, an issue of intense interest to Republicans in the Great Lake State, where Mr. Romney's father, George Romney, once served as governor." (Seth Gitell, "Giuliani, Romney Outshine Thompson In GOP Debate," The New York Sun, 10/10/07)

The National Review Jim Geraghty: "Romney: Overall, prepared and seemed sharp… ." (Jim Geraghty, "The Republican Debate In Michigan: The Wrap-up," The Campaign Spot Blog On The National Review,, Posted 10/9/07)

Detroit Free Press' Joe Guy Collier & Justin Hyde: "Michigan native and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney offered the most extensive comments on the industry's plight, saying the next president should have an open door to industry executives and boost spending on research into new energy-saving technology." (Justin Hyde And Joe Guy Collier, "Candidates Touch On Auto Industry," Detroit Free Press, 10/9/07)

Columnist Matt Towery: "Best Performances: Romney… Most 'Presidential': Romney…" (Matt Towery, "Thompson Becomes Real - Now He Has To Get Better," Insider Advantage Georgia,, Posted 10/9/07)

The Politico's Jonathan Martin: "Romney was at his best in citing his native's state economic troubles and explaining to appreciative Michigan Republicans in the audience what he thought part of the problem was. 'Jennifer Granholm has made a big mistake by raising taxes,' Romney said of the Democratic governor Wolverine State Republicans love to hate." (Jonathan Martin, "Rudy-Romney Dust-Up Overshadows Fred Debut,",, Posted 10/9/07)

Time's Mark Halperin: "Mitt Romney: Frequent references to Michigan — where he grew up and where the debate w as held — were clever and well received in the hall." (Mark Halperin, "The October 9 Republican Debate," Time Website,,28804,

1669812_1669813_1669814,00.html, Posted 10/9/07)

Robert Bluey At Bluey Blog: "Mitt Romney had the best line during today's Republican presidential debate." (Robert Bluey, "Making Fun Of Fred," Bluey Blog,, Posted 10/9/07)

The Politico's Mike Allen: "The former Massachusetts governor showed backbone by saying he 'can't wait' to debate Hillary Clinton, who was the 10th albeit invisible candidate on the stage." (Mike Allen, "Head Or Gut?" Politico Playbook, 10/10/07)

Detroit News' Henry Payne: "Romney made a sharp joke at the outset about Governor Granholm's tax reflex, but for Democrats it's not funny. With a hugely unpopular- not to mention cruel - income tax on voters struggling under soaring home foreclosure and unemployment rates, Democrats have changed the subject in Michigan from war to taxes." (Henry Payne, "Thompson Loses, GOP Gains," Detroit News Blog,, Posted 10/9/07)

McClatchy's Steven Thomma: "In perhaps the best line of the evening, Romney likened Thompson's late entry into the debates to his often-late appearances in his TV series. 'This is a lot like Law & Order,' Romney said. 'It has a huge cast, the series seems to go on forever and Fred Thompson shows up at the end.'" (Steven Thomma, "Thompson's Debate Debut A Dud," McClatchy Newspapers, 10/10/07)

Fox News' Steve Doocy: "Former Governor Mitt Romney got the line of the day as he welcomed Fred." (FOX News' "Fox & Friends," 10/10/07)

Michigan State News' Ashley A. Smith: "One of the major candidates who seemed the most comfortable addressing Michigan's issues was Mitt Romney, said Bill Ballenger, editor and publisher of Inside Michigan Politics." (Ashley A. Smith, "GOP Comes To Mich," Michigan State News, 10/10/07)

As for the other candidates - God love 'em - it can't be easy coming into some one's own backyard and trying to out shine them. Your Mittiot gives 'em credit for trying, however.

Lastly, how 'bout that line item veto(LIV) debate? The question for Rudy is if it had been Libby Dole's current LIV proposal that went through and the president - regardless of who it was - struck out the same line item New York City "deserved" would Rudy have fought that all the way to the Supreme Court? The fact is the Supreme Court cannot act without a trigger - Giuliani was the trigger that killed the LIV.

~ so sayeth the Mittiot.

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Blogger said...

Thought Mitt was definitely one of the winners during the event. His worries about witnessing a Granholm "debate tax" were priceless.


October 15, 2007 at 12:40 PM  
Blogger Jon said...

Keep up the great work at calling out the tax hikers - 2008 is looking better and better. . .


October 16, 2007 at 9:08 PM  

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