Tuesday, January 29, 2008



THIS IS NOW A TWO MAN RACE. . . Expect Huckabee to attempt to be the spoiler - expect Giuliani to endorse the "Maverick" - and expect the Conservative Republicans to continue to move briskly to the Mitt camp.

Though we shouldn't forget about Maine (According to the web they vote this Friday?) We'll see what happens in a week. As for what happened tonight the Crist endorsement hurt a bit and probably put McCain over. I don't understand it. . . why he endorsed, that is. . . but he did. I guess we'll have to see if Charlie's endorsement carries any weight in the upcoming states - or Florida does for that matter. . .

What'll happen? Hard to say, but of the Super Tuesday states: IT AIN'T GOING TO BE UNANIMOUS. . .

1081 GOP delegates up for grabs. Depending on whether Huckabee's supporters will stay "Stuck on Huck" or not, it could be a pretty good night for Romney.

If the Huckabee conservatives come home, Romney will have a BIG night. If they buy into the idea that it is some how better for the GOP to compromise its principles and put up McCain - the Maverick will end up with the lion's share of delegates.

One thing is for sure, as stated above: "THIS IS A TWO MAN RACE!" Your Mittiot thought it was going to be Romney versus Rudy - and it might have been save for the "start with FL gamble" - turns out that the two man race is Romney versus McCain.

Without a doubt it is far from over. . . look for McCain to get a mini bump, and look for Mitt to raise the dollars necessary to score huge wins in those "non-competitive, Wyoming, Nevada, type" states (you know, the ones McCain and the Media ignore). DO YOU THINK THE NATION IS ENGAGED? We shall see.

~ so sayeth the Mittiot.

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