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H'OLA, MI MITT-IGOS! Just wanted to let y'all know I ain't dead - just "dead tired." Had some yard signs to pick up. . . and save for the November General. [Sachs: I don't give a rip if you are in Florida, I'm NOT gathering the 4x8's in 1 degree weather - that's your frickin' job!]

On the Florida campaign, Mitt's looking good. Any short lived bump from South Carolina (or Nevada or Mitt-chigan, for that matter) is all but gone and the voters of the Sunshine State are looking at the candidates based on their message, track record, and capability. Which, is why Mitt is looking good! Latest polls (see below) have the candidates neck-in-neck and are wildly fluctuating. . . the trends, however, appear to be coming home. It's amazing what happens when "Republicans" are the only genre' voting in a REPUBLICAN primary.

The big question from the fellow Mittiots is, "What CAN I do to help the effort in FL?" Well, if you live in Florida, display your support unabashedly for our Mittster. BUT, if you are outside of Florida and primary has come and gone or will be in the next couple of weeks - THE MOST IMPORTANT THING YOU CAN DO TO HELP GET MITT TO THE WHITE HOUSE IS CLICK ON ONE OF THE LINKS BELOW:





Here's the buzz - your Mittiot received in his old in-box today:

New InsiderAdvantage Florida GOP Poll


Compiled from InsiderAdvantage and Southern Political Report staff January 23, 2008 — For the latest InsiderAdvantage/Majority Opinion Florida GOP poll results, click here to see Matt Towery as he reveals the new GOP leader via his latest webcast.

24 Romney 19 Giuliani 18 McCain 12 Huck 7 Paul 5 Other 15 Undecided

PPP Poll: Romney Takes Florida Lead After Thompson Exit


A new Public Policy Polling survey in Florida -- the first taken after Fred Thompson ended his presidential bid -- shows Mitt Romney leading among Republicans with 28%, followed by Sen. John McCain at 25%, Rudy Giuliani at 19% and Mike Huckabee at 15%.Key finding:"The key to Romney's lead is the immigration issue. 15% of the state's GOP voters listed immigration as their biggest concern and within that group, 50% support Romney compared to just 14% for McCain. It isn't the biggest issue in the state -- the economy and the war in Iraq were listed by more respondents -- but it is the one creating the greatest separation between one candidate and the rest of the pack."

Poll: Fading Rudy ST. PETERSBURG TIMES BUZZ BLOG Adam C. Smith

It’s Mitt Romney vs. John McCain in the final stretch of Florida’s crucial Republican primary. A new St. Petersburg Times poll shows the former Massachusetts governor and Arizona senator neck and neck among Florida Republicans, while Rudy Giuliani’s Florida-or-bust strategy has been a bust. Among Florida voters likely to vote in Tuesday’s primary, 25 percent are backing McCain and 23 percent Romney, a statistical tie, while Giuliani and Mike Huckabee were tied for third place with 15 percent each. In Florida’s odd candidate-free, campaign-free Democratic primary, Hillary Clinton is trouncing Barack Obama by 19 percentage points in a race with stark racial divisions. The poll found 42 percent backing Clinton, 23 percent supporting Obama and 12 percent former North Carolina Sen. John Edwards. But it’s the volatile GOP race the nation is mainly watching, as Florida Republicans stand to have a huge influence over which candidates have a shot at competing as nearly two dozen states vote on Feb. 5. Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani staked his candidacy on Florida, and even with 27 percent of Florida Republicans saying they might change their minds, it looks like a bad gamble. "Giuliani for all intents and purposes has virtually no chance to win,’’ said pollster Rob Schroth, noting the difficulty of overtaking two other candidates comfortably ahead. The survey was conducted Jan. 20-22 for the St. Petersburg Times, Bay News 9 and the Miami Herald. It was conducted by telephone from a list of registered and frequent voters in Florida who described themselves as likely to vote Jan. 29. The full sample of 800 interviews has a margin of error of plus or minus 3.5 percent, while the margin of error for the Democrats is plus or minus 5.4 percent and for the Republicans it's 5.1 percent.

Romney Team –

I wanted to give you the heads up on the call from home info for Florida. As most of you know the Governor is up by a small margin but gaining momentum in the Sunshine State. Here is a very effective way to get folks in your respective communities involved. In Michigan this really turned the tide, and it was heartening to see the massive number of calls coming in from all over the country.

Pass this info along to your lists and encourage folks to call from home and help Mitt win Florida!

Thanks so much, Jason

The last note was from Jason McBride, our Team Romney - Michigan campaign leader. He, too, is down in sunny Florida - though you wouldn't know it. According to the Michigan team, "you don't get a chance to see the sun when you're making phone calls all day. . ." Let's give them a hand and contribute to the effort in contacting 400,000 Floridians in 4 days! THE BOTTOM LINE FELLOW MITTIOTS: WE CAN WIN THIS NOMINATION RIGHT HERE - RIGHT NOW - BY STEPPING UP! JOIN YOUR MITTIOT. . . LET'S WIN THIS THING!


Just a little reminder to our media friends out there hoping to shape the outcome of this nomination by injecting opinion where the simple facts will do: It is not an issue as to whether we like Mitt Rommney - REPUBLICANS LOVE MITT ROMNEY - it is an issue as to whether the Liberal Media, Hufficrats and Hufficans do. . . they do not, and they (YOU) continue to perpetuate every negative hit, contrived or not, they (YOU) can to bring Romney down. They (YOU) could not in Wyoming, they (YOU) could not in Nevada, they (YOU) COULD NOT IN MICHIGAN, AND THEY (YOU) WILL NOT IN FLORIDA! Romney is going to win the Sunshine State and you (YEAH, YOU) can take that to the bank.


Frankly, your Mittiot has been watching the dem race just as closely as the GOP race. Why? It's my job. . . for some reason, I've got students who aren't yet smart enough to know the democrat party is outta ideas. . . AND, unlike, my more liberal fellow faculty - I do not try and "correct" their leanings or reprogram their ideologies (cough - DELAWARE - cough, cough - UNIVERSITY - cough). So, we look at both the dem race and the GOP race. However, your Mittiot was a little more then tickled to watch Bill Clinton give the Media "what for" regarding what I mentioned above - perpetuating the story they want to print rather then the true story of the campaign... I think back to the "He's a Mormon 'problem'" hype of the Media - and got a chuckle. Today, I witnessed Bill taking the "Media" to task for perpetuating the split in the dem party via race and gender. . . I hope they keep it up. When Hillary is nominated, maybe the GOP can pull more then 2 of 10 African-Americans to the GOP. . . seeing as how the dem party has done such a great job in fostering "equity" among the "races." In a party of factions that love to rail against the "white, male, capitalist" what did you expect would happen when someone other than a white, male, capitalist was sure to be the dem nominee. . . WAKE UP - if you believe there is only "one race" the HUMAN RACE - if you believe that it takes EQUAL PARTS woman and man to make a family - if you believe there are no workers without businesses and no business without workers, then WAKE UP and join the GOP.



~ so sayeth the Mittiot.

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