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Your Mittiot knows, "One great night does not a campaign make. . ." or something like that, but again and again, Romney shows he has command of the issues and is a multifaceted candidate. . . not a "one hit wonder." He's not just a "Pro-Family" candidate, not just a "Secure Borders" candidate, not just a "Fiscal Conservative" candidate, but the COMPLETE package.

Now, I'm going to rant here a bit, probably repeat myself as I feverishly peck the keys, BUT, NEW HAMPSHIRE YOU HAVE AN OPPORTUNITY TO SHOW THE GOP WHY - WHY - YOU SHOULD BE THE "FIRST IN THE NATION" PRIMARY. You have an opportunity to show the U.S. that when you pick a candidate you do it based on "ability across the board" and not just the "issue de'jour." NH, you and I and the rest of country know that the person we send to the White House must be prepared for whatever may come. . . not just the problems here and now, but the unpredictable nature of the WORLD. You know Romney is that candidate.

If you read the blog, you know your Mittiot is from the great state of Michigan. I do love this state dearly but I can tell you Michigan is suffering: Home foreclosures, high energy prices, issues with public education, high unemployment, and a governor who thinks she can tax her way out of this mess. Above all, Michigan is suffering because of the economy - THE WORLD ECONOMY. We've got a great workforce, maybe the best in the world, but we cannot compete in the spectrum of wholesale manufacturing when 1 billion Chinese are willing to attempt (that's right, "attempt") to work a production-line for 12 cents an hour. We're hurtin' in the Great Lake State because we DO care about the environment but are forced to compete with countries that absolutely DO NOT. We're hurting in Michigan because, though the state government has a big taxing problem, the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT still spends money faster than they can take it out of our pockets. For the families in Michigan, the "World Economy" is killin' us. . .

What's this got to do with New Hampshire? Alright, do your Mittiot a favor and try this if you would:

Take the above paragraph and substitute "New Hampshire" for "Michigan," (and "Granite State" for "Great Lakes State,") and tell me if the passage stills rings true.

If it does, if the World Economy is hurting the families of New Hampshire, then Romney has got to be your pick. No other candidate in this race - Republican or Democrat - can possibly understand WASHINGTON's economic impact upon the American Family and American Business better than Mitt Romney.

Why Romney? (First, you could read economist, Larry Kudlow, and why he thinks Romney has the "Right Stuff" if you're sick of the Mittiot's harpin' - he sums it up better than I, But. . .) I say Romney is the right candidate because he knows (as I, you, and everybody outside of the Washington can attest) that if we continue to spend more money then we actually have our quality of life goes down - not up. I know I'm preachin' to the choir but it can't be said enough, "when the government gives you something, it's never 'free' - somebody's got to pay for it." The bottom line is that if we want to expand the quality of life for ALL Americans we need to expand the economy INTELLIGENTLY. AND, Washington (in general) just doesn't get it! This is why we need an "outsider" with busines experience in the White House. If we really want to get the right kinda "CHANGE," we need Mitt Romney.

I'll leave you with this headline linked to a piece that should cause you to ponder the stakes:

"The Rise of the 'Brics'"

Voters of New Hampshire, the stakes COULD NOT be higher. . .

~ so sayeth the Mittiot.


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