Sunday, December 30, 2007



Whoa Nelly! Things are heating up in Iowa - and the dems continue their same ol' sorry act.

A lot has been said of Mitt being the first in "going negative" - OH REALLY? Where have these individuals been the past six months? I've witnessed multiple times where one of the fellow GOP campaigns paid to have some guy (or girl) dressed as a dolphin wearing a "Flip Romney" shirt to attend each and every Romney event in Michigan. . . What about the GOP campaign (you know who you are - wink, wink) and the paid anti-Romney push-polling in NH and Iowa? And the list goes on. . . But let's quit fooling ourselves shall we - this is a CAMPAIGN. As Putz Matthews likes to say, "This ain't softball." And, if you think the dems are going to play nice come the general - you're an idiot. We'll need a candidate that can hit the trenches and give as good as they get (remember, H. C.'s negatives are 50%). Lastly, let's be clear - unlike some of the candidates who feel some sort of entitlement to the GOP nomination - Romney, himself, has remained positive regarding the GOP and its future - and has been sure to separate the campaign from the individual when talking about our GOP candidates.

Regarding the dems same ol', same ol', your Mittiot was watching FOX Sunday (with that little Huffican, Chris Wallace) and was pleased to note that 3 of the 4 panelists picked Romney to win Iowa. Who was the lone hold out? Go figure, Juan Williams (no relation). Biting at the bit to try and knock Romney down, refusing to acknowledge his strength in Iowa, NH, MI and SC, and being sure to through the "flip flop/Republicans hate all their candidates" rhetoric into the mix, Juan stayed true to color. . . that being "pink" of course.

Latest polls show a dead heat in Iowa. I'm stickin' with my prediction.


~ so sayeth the Mittiot.

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