Monday, November 12, 2007



Howdy fellow Mittiots - for those readers (and there can't be many of you) that have been twitchin' for your daily dose of the Mittiot - well, mia culpa.

As you may or may not be aware, as reported again , and again, and again. . . by your Mittiot, Michigan is looking more and more like the Dems will screw up the joint primary scheduled for the 15th of January. The latest: A judge in Ingham county declared the law that structured the joint primary UNCONSTITUTIONAL in deference to a "list broker (and dem operative)" named Mark Grebner. The suit had to deal with whether or not the parties could have sole access to the "open" primary voters ballot choices. To be truthful, that kinda struck me as odd when the legislation was proposed, too, BUT the timing of all this is very suspect. We have less than a week until the deadline for pulling out of the primary passes. IF the corrective legislation does not make it to the gov's desk ASAP, I guarantee the dems will use the cover to caucus. Once again, the dem's have the ball in their court. We'll see if they back the/their gov, or back their party bosses who seem to prefer the caucus model. . . time will tell - SOON.

Interesting week, both McCain and Ann Romney found their way to the "Birthplace of the Republican Party" - JACKSON. As a good Republican, I made sure to verbally support the John McCain event which had a pretty good turnout (though his appearance was up in the air until the day of the event). As a good Republican Mittiot, however, I spent a lot of time and effort in assistance to ensure the Ann Romney/Jackson Coffee House Event was a success - which it was!

Mrs. Romney arrived on a Friday morning (8 am) and spent a couple of hours with a strong Jackson cross section. By the by, everything positive you believe of Mrs. Romney is absolutely true. She was/is the epitome of what a first lady should be: Kind, honest, approachable, self assured. . . in short a true "Lady." We hope she finds her way back to Jackson as often as possible (she might even want to bring her husband by. . .)

A Saturday prior, we had the Michigan v. Michigan State game - and Mitt was there, surrounded by some 400 of his closest "tailgating" (coffee donuts and soda pop) friends. Great game - crappy outcome. . .

Throw on top of those major events the duties of a husband, father, instructor, political operative (local elections) and community supporter (we're working on securing a SmartZone designation) - and AWOL is the outcome. . . Hey, I'm trying.

Lastly, for those who were never AWOL (I'm speaking of our military vets) WE HONOR YOU ON VETERANS DAY. MAY GOD BLESS EACH OF YOU. My family and I appreciate your sacrifice for our freedoms EVERYDAY.

~ so sayeth the Mittiot.

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