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I guess as your typical GOP primary voter, your Mittiot has gotten all caught up in the struggle for the Social Conservatives like most of the bloggers, etc. Your main Mittiot, here, pronounced his trust in Mitt (having met him and listened to the guy, personally, in small group settings - which, I dare say, if you do once, you'll not need to do again. . . Mitt Romney radiates optimism, confidence, and capability), and I want others to trust him, as well, as the pro-family guy he obviously is. BUT, I was reminded today while searching the web for all things Romney that Mitt's truest strength is his business experience.

When you get right down to it, government is first and foremost a business. The central government's "Mission Statement" rests atop the Constitution, as in: "We the people. . more perfect union. . . justice, domestic tranquillity, common defense, GENERAL welfare, liberty, etc, etc." In essence, there are "shareholders" (you and I), a Board of Directors (Congress), a Chief Executive (the Chief Executive), and the minions necessary (or not) to carry out the "Mission."

Ideas are certainly important, but not more important than an understanding of leadership and organizational structure and incentive and watching the bottom-line. All things absolutely necessary in the corporate world, but often found lacking in the public/political world. In short, D.C. government is the largest business of all.

Now, you may some how doubt Mitt's support for the unborn (I do not). You may some how doubt Mitt's stance regarding gay marriage (I do not). BUT, THERE IS NO DOUBTING THAT MITT ROMNEY HAS THE CORPORATE BACKGROUND NECESSARY TO RUN THE BUSINESS THAT IS GOVERNMENT. No other candidate (republican or democrat) comes close.

There was a "typical" article your Mittiot came across at the Campaigns&Elections website (I've linked to it via TeamRomney.com). Now, I say typical, because I've read the same thing many times re: Mitt at various Economic Club luncheons and Chamber get togethers. Your Mittiot has blogged about it before, in fact, and that's Mitt's absolute comfort in discussing the tenants of macro and micro economics. Formally degreed in business coupled with "real world" experience, Romney shines.

This is Romney's truest strength. And at the federal level this matters immensely - whether executing the steps necessary to protect our borders, our families, or our economy.

~ so sayeth the Mittiot

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