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. . . while flipping through the channels - Your Mittiot doesn't waste his time on the second class "news" channels like MSNBC. . . when sportscasters become "learned pundits" by changing the countdown from football and tennis to foreign affairs and economic policy - then the bottom of the barrel has truly been scraped. Chris Matthews, on the other hand, I've always thought a pretty descent guy (in spite of his liberal leanings). But his unabashed, single-minded, hunt to bring Mitt Romney down is beneath even the title of "newsman," and has sucked any "respect" from the soul of this lil' political science professor.

A quest for all you Mittiots and non-Mittiots alike: Find me ONE thing, ONE THING, that Chris Matthews has said positive about Romney. Show me where he has given Mitt credit for being a success by anyone's standards. Show me just an inkling of the respect that Mitt Romney has MOST DEFINATELY earned. Until your Mittiot sees the notated quote, he will - from this day forward - continue to refer to the subject at hand as "Putz Matthews." AND, referring to Mitt's "chiseled looks," doesn't count - especially when it's followed up by, "he seems fake. . ."

By the by, the part I caught was Matthews on the proverbial high horse giving Romney a dressing down about his answer to the "28% not voting for a Mormon." First, is Matthews really so stupid as to believe that many if not all those 28% are actually considering the Mormon issue, and NOT the fact that the ONLY candidate in the race who is Mormon is the REPUBLICAN, Mitt Romney. Do you think for a minute, that maybe, just maybe, this media driven "issue" is more about partisan politics and Romney getting elected than a Mormon in the Oval Office. Could that be? Is that possible, Chris, or ahhh, "Putz"?

Romney's line about 28% actually referring to Harry Reid and his being a Mormon was a good answer, that Putz fell right into. The fact that, "most Americans do not know Harry Reid is a Mormon. . ." as Putz so aptly put it, is exactly why being a Mormon is not an issue except to the Media, and Hufficrats. If being a Mormon were so high on the list of issues that voters cannot seem to get past, why is it that "NO ONE KNOWS HARRY REID IS A MORMON?" If it's so on the minds of us common folk, just how could the highest ranking Senator have "snuck" through. . . Answer us all that one.

For just a teaser, here's a fine example of Matthews in action:

JOHN MCCAIN: I'm sorry you brought it up, because I have to quickly say, what I said about the flag in South Carolina was an act of cowardice on my part.

MATTHEWS: Well, what's he doing? What's Romney doing? He has flipped on everything. Well, I don't want to put the words in my mouth [you just did, Chris.] If he's pro-choice in Massachusetts to get elected, now he's pro-life to win a national Republican referendum, what is he?

MCCAIN: I think that's for the voters to determine, but think we all run on our record. I am a proud, conservative Republican. There are other conservative Republicans in the race. I don't lay claim to the mantle. I do lay claim to the strength of my credentials and knowledge and background on national security issues which I think is the transcendent challenge of our time. Radical Islamic extremism. I'm the most prepared. I believe at least my qualifications I hope have earned me the voters' consideration.

[Complete Story Here]

NO, I'm not really going to continue to refer to Chris matthews as Putz Matthews - but the point has been made. And, the challenge is still there.

~ so sayeth the Mittiot.

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