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That's the Mittiot's "family discussion" not Mitt's. We're a traditional family - as in we make a lot of "traditions" - the most recent is the "Father-Son-Son-Grandson-Grandson Weekend" we spend at the family cabin "up North" as they say. 90% of the time the colors are just right and the air is just chill enough to need a fire. When Grandpa was alive, he and Dad would head up, now we (my brother and I) head up with Dad and take our two sons. Heck, we're so traditional that between the 5 of us there are only two names (and a bunch of Jr.'s, Sr.'s, III's & IV's).

At any rate, my pop doesn't live far from me so I picked him up and we made the 2 1/2 hours trip together with my son in the back. Around, say, Grand Rapids, my father (who's a big Mittiot, himself) says, "Ya know, my friend thinks Mitt's too perfect, and so he's not going to vote for him."

What the? as I nearly drove off the road. I looked over at my father, remembering my son was in the car and started in. . . "what a bunch of poopoo (I had another word in mind) that is." "Well," dad continued, "my friend is a big liberal, loves Hillary, and probably wouldn't be voting for Mitt anyway. . ."

"Oh, you think?" But we did take the moment to pursue this line of thinking. Let's see, "too perfect." I've actually heard this line of "criticism" and it strikes me as the last great act of rationalization as to why one's going to stick to their initial choice of candidate even though they don't stack up. To look at it another way, if Mitt is "too perfect," then their candidate is not perfect enough, so that would make their choice a poor choice given the field. No one likes to admit they're wrong, so. . . "Mitt's 'too perfect' and that's why I made the right choice in pickin' who I picked. . . yeah, that's it. . .right. . . too perfect. . ."

We agreed that this was "irrational rationalization" and moved on to how Mitt's doing in the EP states as an indication of a guy peaking as perfect as the Sugar Maples off 131.

We get to the "Cabin" where my brother and nephew were already waiting for us and no sooner did we unpacked the Ford then my brother throws out a barb - "Mitt's not doing so good. . ." I had to correct, "Mitt's not doing so "well" - and that's a load of crap, Mitt is doing well." My brother likes to stir the nest and we traded verbal blows, but he knew there was no way he'd win the argument, he doesn't spend the time your Mittiot does researching the campaign(s). The conversation was quick, and my brother was more then happy to throw out the Media hype, "well, Mitt's a. . . he's a. . .'Morton'. . . and no one's going to vote for one of those guys." Which is exactly why this issue is Media/Hufficrat/Huffican propelled garbage - no matter what Bob Novak says. My brother, doesn't know salt from a hundred year old religion and this is why he's thinkin' "Mitt's not doing so 'good'." After a brief education, regarding the Senate Majority Leader, former Governor of Michigan, past Governor of Massachusetts (Mitt), and almost every elected official representing part and parcel of Utah, as well as the misgivings regarding Kennedy, Jefferson's lack of formal church affiliation, and the idea's of a man with faith regardless of where they receive it - we began to talk politics. We started with Iowa, moved to NH, discussed Michigan, Nevada, South Carolina and ended on the great state of Florida. Following this we spoke of personal wealth, fundraising, and campaign teams, and finished on the topic of endorsements. After the flurry of facts, figures and financiers, jumped from my tongue and fell heavily to the old wood floor, I broke the silence - reaching out to close my brother's gaping mouth with the tip of my index finger - by declaring the canard, "I'm probably just looking through rose-tinted glasses. . ."

We had a great weekend.


"The South will never support Mitt. . ." Oh, really?

"The fact that I’m seen as a religious right person would hopefully get others to step out for him,” [Bob Talyor, Bob Jones University Dean] said in an interview in Greenville, S.C., the university’s hometown.

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Never mind the blog, take a look at the postings. . . this is why I never put ANY weight in online polls, the net is disproportionately filled with tons of idiots. . . and a sheer lack of Mittiots.

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~ so sayeth the Mittiot

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