Sunday, October 21, 2007


. . . it's the same ol' same ol', but not a repeat!


Once again, Romney proves he is the principled choice for the GOP. And, once again, the Media refuses to give him the credit due. Here's the headline from CNN: Romney wins straw poll at Values Voters Summit. And, here's the analysis:

"It's hard to gauge how big a victory this is for Romney because we're not entirely sure whether these voters represent the larger Christian conservative constituency," CNN senior political analyst Bill Schneider said.

"Romney won the Ames, Iowa, straw poll in August by spending a lot of money. We don't know how much of an organizational effort was behind this victory," he said.

"Romney's true acceptability to Christian conservatives will not become clear until we see how he does in January in the Iowa Republican caucuses and the South Carolina Republican Primary.

"But the results suggest that being a Mormon may be a barrier for winning the support of Christian conservatives," Schneider said. [emphasis, mine]

What the? Romney wins the straw poll, but the "results suggest that being a Mormon will be a barrier. . ." You're joking, right? What the heck kind of analysis is that?

And, your Mittiot would be remiss if he didn't report the "FOX KNOX". Your Mittiot was watching thee FOX today and the setup by the anchor to the panel was something along the lines of: "Mitt Romney won the Values Voters Straw Poll, AND RECEIVED THE ENDORSEMENTS OF BOB JONES III AND DON WILTON (see blog below), it seems Mitt Romney is quickly becoming the Social Conservative's choice. . . (I'm paraphrasing)". And the response from the panel was: "Nope, no way - these were just Internet votes - Huckabee is the real choice. . . They'll never support a Mormon. . . He's well organized, but he's not the conservatives choice. . ." something like that. . . which is just a bunch of HOOEEE. Not one of the "panelists" took into consideration the FACT that Bob Jones and Don Wilton have each ALREADY ENDORSED MITT. No Internet cloak, no Mormon question still out there. These guys - REAL LIFE SOUTHERN CONSERVATIVES - have endorsed our man Mitt. . . it sure is becoming the same 'ol, same 'ol. . .

~so sayeth the Mittiot, what say you FOX?

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