Wednesday, November 28, 2007



Turns out the dems have voted to support the ballot "as is". . . without Biden, Richardson, Obama, or Edwards on the ballot. See below from our GOP Chair, Saul Anuzis:

MORNING UPDATE: January 15th primary settled…AV applications have been mailed, ballots are being printed…let the games begin!

Republicans are negotiating for a second debate…discussions are on their way with two major networks to hold a debate following the Iowa and New Hampshire primaries. Keep your fingers crossed!

The Democrats foiled a last minute attempt to insure all their candidates would be on the ballot. Senator Clinton is the only major candidate on the Michigan ballot, now the question is will the Obama and Edwards people play in the Democrat primary to embarrass Hillary?

Michigan Democrats Executive Committee then voted last night to go with the January 15th primary as is. So we’ll all make the best of what we have…boy are the Dems screwed up!

So the dems will allow their delegate support to be chosen by primary - without any of the other top-tier candidates on the ballot, AND - because of the DNC rules will only get half the allotted delegates as "punishment" for going early. I just cannot see this going forward. . . but, hey, I'm a Republican. . . we do things a bit differently.

~ so sayeth the Mittiot.



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