Monday, December 31, 2007



Side note: Your Mittiot was reading his daily rag here in ol' Jacktown and it mustered a chuckle. The paper allows for "one-liners" in its op-ed section and one of the regular dems put in a quip about "knowing 2008 would be a good year." His rationale? Because it would be Bush's last year in office. Now, knowing the guy's a dem, I get the slight - BUT knowing that the dems haven't done crap-ola while holding the majority in DC, might leave one to conclude that because of GW, this country HAS NOT gone to hell in a hand basket. . . In other words, because of Bush being in the White House, 2008 WILL be a good year. Yep, this is the way I'm choosing to pass it on (though don't tell Huckabee, he might think that's an "arrogant" point of view).

What to say about Iowa? Well, Romney's going to win - which is what I've been predicting even with the 50/50 toss-up. Why? Again, the tie goes to the "organization" when it comes to caucusing. . .

Now, New Hampshire is a bit more art than science. It all depends on who gets out. Your Mittiot isn't losing sleep, however, I think the NH deal was sealed for Romney as soon as the liberal Concorde Monitor opined that Mitt "MUST BE STOPPED." Romney will win New Hampshire and fend off those late charges of desperation.

One thing that does have your Mittiot grinding his hind molars, is the familiar "run to the center" for McCain. . . He wants NH so bad, he's dropped his republican-reformation and has followed the path of milk-toast. Hey, I tell my students to "follow their heart" - if you don't like either of two parties, find another to support, BUT DON'T FAULT THE PARTY. The party is what the members want it to be - if you don't like it. . . get the heck out. Neither the Libertarian-Republican, Ron Paul, nor the Liberal-Republican, John McCain, are representing the true tenants via platform of the "Just-Republican" party.

Now, listen (or read) - Your Mittiot doesn't want to jump on the "negative bandwagon" - and I'm not. I truly do believe any of the GOP (yes, even Ron Paul) would be better then the alternative, and I'm right there come the nomination. So, what's the rant? Well, I guess the long and the short of it is that, to me, a victory is meaningless if we aren't gong to follow through on the principles that have drawn the partisans together. For your Mittiot, in other words, a "Maverick" has no business playing this team sport, and if McCain continues to follow this short-sighted path, he will, again, be stopped in the South. . . and rightfully so.


~ so sayeth the Mittiot.

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