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"I have received more votes for President than any other candidate on the Republican side." - Mitt Romney


Governor Romney was on task tonight. He was sharp with a great command of the economic, social, and security issues this country faces. . . In short, Mitt Romney continues to prove himself as the multifaceted candidate we need to address ALL the challenges this country faces. And, it is a FACT, that so far the Republicans who have voted in this nomination process have given Mitt the lead in votes AND DELEGATES. Allow me to continue to post the "After 3 Events Results:"

The vote numbers, by the way, have gone up as more precincts have reported. . . Romney is still up by some 1500 votes - and this doesn't include the Wyoming victory (not because your Mittiot is discounting the Big Sky voters, but because I couldn't find a vote number on the web . . . feel free to email it to me).

But for all the good points Mitt made tonight - especially about Michigan manufacturing jobs NOT being lost forever (ie. Free-Trade v. STUPID-Trade) - your Mittiot knows this debate in South Carolina is going to end up being a study of how well Fred out "aw shucks-ed" Huckabee. Which, by all accounts, he did.

Your Mittiot has said in past blogs that I do not have anything personal against Mike Huckabee - he IS a likable guy. However, I do believe he is too liberal a candidate to right the wrongs of Washington. . . For instance, how would the former Gov. of Arkansas have voted on the S-CHIP fiasco. Would that step towards socialized medicine (that goes way beyond insuring poor-children) have been signed into law - "to raise hope" - by a Huckabee administration? What if, God help us, the dems keep control of the legislature? Would this be Huckabee (or McCain, for that matter) style "bi-partisanship"?

And, again, your Mittiot isn't here to try and dust Mike Huckabee - true, I have a clear dog in this fight, I'm a Romney guy - but this issue of possibly nominating a liberal candidate for office, makes me wonder why the heck I fight for the Republican party so vehemently. This is a conflict of ideology and party versus this particular presidential race, and if the party has to keep changing to get elected, then what are we "conserving?"

"But, Mittiot, that's just one example of Mike being 'sort of liberal' and that was from a while ago. You can't. . ." I can already hear it, but here's my second case in point:

While watching the Fox debate - I flipped through the channels during the commercial (or maybe when Campaign Carl was smirking another loaded question) and I just happened to catch Anderson Cooper on CNN interviewing former dem candidate, Bill Richardson. Seems Kerry has endorsed Obama, and Cooper was looking to see if Richardson was endorsing anyone. Richardson replied: "Sure, I gotta a call from President Clinton. . . I also got a call from Sen. Obama, and John Edwards. . . I EVEN GOT A CALL FROM MIKE HUCKABEE. Really? "I got a call from Mike Huckabee. . ."

[UPDATE: 1/11 - Transcript from AC360: GOV. BILL RICHARDSON (D-NM), PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: I am ending my campaign for president of the United States. CROWLEY: New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson, a Latino, dropped out of the race today. It's just over a week before the Nevada caucuses, where the Latino vote may play a major role. Raise your hand if you think it's a coincidence Bill Clinton has been in touch. (BEGIN VIDEO CLIP, "THE SITUATION ROOM") RICHARDSON: Well, yes, he called me quite a bit in the last couple of days. We talked. I talked to Senator Clinton. So did Senator Obama and Edwards called. You know, I even had a nice call from Mike Huckabee, who is an old pal of mine. (END VIDEO CLIP) ....... To be fair, this may have been just a "sorry to see you get out, ol' pal" call from Huckabee. . . but the context was in "courting endorsements" - The Mittiot] Governor Huckabee is looking for the endorsement of LIBERAL DEMOCRAT, Bill Richardson? As your Mittiot is fond of saying, "What the?" This is no way to win a GOP nomination.

Ponder this, we had a dem congressional candidate who ran against our now congressman, Cong. Tim Walberg (MI7), come to one of our local county GOP meetings. She came in to tout the need to support Ron Paul. Well, let me tell you something, that went over like a lead balloon. Dems have "No Cred" within the GOP - and they shouldn't. That's why we are "we" and they are "they." The fact that Mike Huckabee is courting democrats for endorsements (the fact that ANY candidate would seek such an endorsement) during a GOP nomination - leaves one to wonder who's voting for this guy. . .

Which brings me to McCain. Your Mittiot's been a little critical of Senator McCain, but again, I'm a Romney guy. And, "Friends" let me tell you - here in Michigan - the Senator has been attackin' as much as he's been attacked - more so. I'm doing my best to hold to Reagan's 11th, but some days. . .

In case you missed it (now, this comes from the debate tonight, so I'm not pulling out-of-date statements together to convolve some some anti-McCain message. BUT, in case you missed it. . .), I was left scratchin' my head - and this time it wasn't because of the Ron Paul non-protectionism, protectionist plan. Senator McCain said something to the effect of "I've never takin' special project money for my state. . ." [UPDATE: 1/10 - Youtube clip 7 of the debate, @3:45] and then he goes on to repeatedly tell America that his state is a major part of the illegal immigration problem [UPDATE: 1/10 - Youtube clip 8 of the debate, @7:39]. In his words, he's worried noting the pork and ignoring the problem. More illegals come through his state then any other. . . Has the senator at least asked for an appropriation to fix the fence? And, if so, where's the "leadership" been in getting it?

Call me "silly" but why the heck do I send a stack of tax dollars to DC if the people we - America - sends there aren't going to take care of the NATIONAL problems. I'm pretty sure, most Americans would not consider it as "pork" to seek an appropriation to fix the Arizona/Mexico border - YOUR BORDER, Senator. In fact, if the federal government did it's job and there was some leadership on this issue, I don't think the approval ratings of the US legislature would be in the low 20's. AND, I, for one, wouldn't have to wince every time I eyeballed my paycheck.

The bottom line: I believe this is what Governor Romney is speaking about when he says, "WASHINGTON IS BROKEN."


~ so "ranteth" the Mittiot.

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