Sunday, January 13, 2008


First things first. I actually had "Christmas" with my in-laws yesterday and didn't find the time to post yesterday. "Why Christmas so late in the season?" you ask. Because my Michigan native, brother in-law (who I love dearly) could not get back to Michigan until this past Saturday. You see, he's living in South Carolina assisting in the building of a NEW BMW plant. . . My sister-in-law and two nieces went down to stay with him during Christmas and have since come back to get the girls back in school. . . hence, Christmas on Saturday. SOUND FAMILIAR? For some 100,000 Michiganians this has been the reality for TOO many Christmases and birthdays and anniversaries. . .
Here's what I believe the "Maverick" US Senator is failing to get: We believe Washington has been the problem - We believe Washington has been broken for too looooong - and we know the Senator has been in Washington for the duration of Michigan's one-state recession - we've needed leadership in Washington for the last 8 years. . .
Your Mittiot pulled this out of his mailbox this morning -
Michigan's question to John McCain, "WHERE THE HELL HAVE YOU & WASHINGTON BEEN? Michigan workers have been being displaced for the last 8 years. . ."
Bottom line: The Senator couldn't even fix his own border while the Senior Senator from Arizona. Why should Michiganians believe he can assist us in overcoming our challenges while the President of the United States?
~ so asketh the Mittiot

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