Thursday, February 7, 2008



My pocket went crazy during lecture today - about 15 minutes ago - as my cell buzzed. Call after call after call, I thought I better take a look to make sure something hadn't happen to my son or wife. From the list of the callers - Brownlow, Ray, Doug, Carol, Sachs - I knew it was campaign connected. I looked up at my students and I told them either Romney has dropped out, or McCain has had some sort of age related event that has sent him to the hospital. . . regardless, I knew it wasn't good news. . . so I called Brownlow and he let me know that Romney had suspended his run. A sad day in Mudville, a sad day for conservatives, a VERY sad day for Michigan.

Speculation? Your "suspened-Mittiot" will give you a little. Romney could beat McCain (he did here in Michigan and elsewhere) but he COULD NOT beat McCain AND Huckabee AND the Hufficrats AND the Hufficans AND the Media as it poured all over McCain and insisted on labeling Mitt a flip-flopper. Romney is too smart to fool himself into thinking that he (and his band of faithful Mittiots) could overcome those odds. Romney made the right decision to suspend his campaign.

What now? Hmmmm, you're asking me? Here's what I'd LIKE to see happen: "Romney 2012" and all that implies. If I were Mitt, I'd spend the next four years dispelling the "flip-flopper" myth through action, AND I'd work to focus the nation on the short comings of our "Broken Washington." Mitt could/should lead the charge to break our dependence on foreign oil, using his vast network to coordinate the states in an effort to do what the federal government (which includes McCain) has been to inept to do. Or, on the other hand, I might just go home and hang out with my family. . . your Mittiot sincerely hopes it the former. . .

A sad day in Mudville, indeed.

~ so concludeth the Mittiot.

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