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Alex Gage, Strategist for the Romney Campaign, sent out a memo to Team Romney giving a thumbnail of where we are and what to expect. No real revelations, just sound, "gut-check time," advice. [The full memo can be read here.] The bottom line: NOW IS THE TIME we have less than 100 days before Iowa and if you were looking to get involved, well, WE NEED YOU. Contributions are great, but what your Mittiot truly needs is the commitment to get yourself to the Michigan primary - to answer the calls when the pollsters ring - to become a VOCAL advocate for Mitt Romney - to talk to your neighbors and write into the paper. NOW IS THE TIME.

Listen, here's how it's gonna play out. Your Mittiot is still not convinced there will be a joint primary with the dems this January 15th. As such, going it alone - and allowing the dems and left-leaners to dink around in our GOP primary - is not on the table. If the dems pull-out, and I believe there's a better than 50/50 chance they will, we need to be ready to go with a GOP State Nominating Convention January 29th (so hold that date). We're in good shape if we do go to the convention back-up, as highlighted by the Mackinac Conference. HOWEVER, we need to collectively keep working the delegates.

Now, your Mittiot knows not all GOP faithful are as enlightened as we Mitt-backers, BUT your Mittiot also knows that Giuliani is the least favorite choice of the tried and true conservative. The second, item in the "play out" scenario is that this race is shaping up to be one between Romney and Giuliani (and Paul. . . no not really). Hear me out: Thompson never should have entered the race and his "I'm in now" bump has all but evaporated in the EP states, the fact that Newt is looking to get in should be an indication of Thompson chances. Leaving McCain and Giuliani and the rest of the guys.

McCain has had a "surge" according to the Media but the truth is he's nearly out of cash and individuals aren't popping open their pocket books, again, or "this time" with the looming, large, shadow of doubt cast upon the chance of a McCain victory. As one former McCain-backer said to me, "we're looking to jump, we're just not sure where to land." Glad to say, he's now on the Romney Train.

Newt may get in, but he faces a similar problem Thompson witnessed. If he does jump in, it better be real soon to take advantage of Fred's disappointment and McCain's sinking ship. He's looking to have pledged 30 million, and I believe Gingrich won't try to fool himself into thinking he has a chance unless he actually does have 30 million lined up.

Though the Media might like to see Huckabee be more of a player, 100 days out is not enough time to really mount a campaign to victory (which is also a disincentive for Newt). Hey, you can come in a strong second in Iowa and New Hampshire and Michigan and South Carolina and at the end of the day. . . your still not any state's first choice. Your Mittiot understands Huckabee is looking for a Dobson bump (as is Brownback) but Mr. Dobson, too, has to recognize how near we are to the big dance and the time to be corting a candidate that needs to cover ground was back in August. In addition, we are getting dangerously close to ensuring a Giuliani win by dividing the conservative vote. I am certain Mr. Dobson and GOP leaning interests groups are getting a little antsy. The NRA, for one, has already indicated they'd like to have a say in the primary - I'm thinkin' Rudy's not "in their sights" so to speak. Is Mitt? He should be, it'll be one or the other representing the GOP come November.

A bit back The Daily Mittiot ran a blog that gave the "insiders" projection. They smartly identified then this would be a Romney/Rudy race and that's exactly how it is shaping up to be. The question is, which of those individuals do YOU want to be our candidate?

Your Mittiot can tell you who the Media wants - who the left-leaners want - who the Hufficrats want: It's Rudy Giuliani, for obvious reasons. I can also tell you who the dems, Media, and Hufficrats fear most: Mitt Romney.

For your Mittiot, it's been mostly anecdotal that Romney is being piled on at every given turn. However, within the Gage Memo what your Mittiot figured to be true has been substantiated:

"So what can we expect to see over the final stretch? To start, we know that Gov. Romney will continue to be attacked from all sides. Some of our GOP rivals began their attacks in the run-up to the Ames straw poll in Iowa; the Democrats also have not waited to begin their assault on Gov. Romney. Since the start of this year, the DNC has put out 81 releases attacking Gov. Romney, 22 more than any other Republican candidate. The attacks will only intensify over the next few months, but we continue to be prepared to respond." -Alex Gage

Mitt Romney has the experience, the record, the message, the charisma, the family, the financial backing, the TEAM, and the strategy to become President of the United States. Sometimes its worth judging the strength of a candidate by how hard the OPPOSITION seeks to weaken them.

Mitt Romney is the candidate and NOW IS THE TIME.

~so asketh the Mittiot

Wednesday, September 26, 2007




Michigan's Rally for Romney will be in Detroit TOMORROW from 5-9pm. Get signed up by clicking the link below. Your Mittiot would love to be there, but the Mackinac Conference (of which Mitt won the accompanying straw-poll with 39% of the SURE to be Republican primary voters) has put Michigan at a bit of a disadvantage. All efforts were on the conference, but hey, if we're going to take the "Spartan State" we'll need to buck up. . . your Mittiot will try to get over there.


Man this seems like a very cool opportunity! Join the trail with the big guy himself, hitting meetings, doing fundraisers, bouncing ideas off one another. . . check out the link below!



A las, your Cecil B. De'Mittiot didn't make the top 9 cut of the Romney Campaign Commercial competition - that's alright. . . I'm more of a policy guy than the Hollywood type. Wait a second, so is Mitt, I guess I'm in good company.

In all seriousness, KUDOS to the 9 who made the grade - this will be a tough choice. Check out the link below to cast your vote.



A little secret for ya, your Mittiot always kinda liked Bill Clinton even though I couldn't really respect him (certainly respected that he was my president, however), but if you got a chance to see him on CNN for an upcoming interview with with Anderson Cooper. . . wow, what a Jerk - with a capital "J." Check the transcript of the "upcoming" interview at the link below:


~so sayeth the Mittiot

Tuesday, September 25, 2007



Another day another snub by FOX to mention Romney's win in Mackinac. . . Your Mittiot wouldn't hold his breath as the window has passed.

On the topic at hand (though the above "update" is related), pollsters and pundits worth their trade should honestly analyze the national polls - to do less leaves one to believe those doing the reporting are idiots or liars (as in the breed of Hufficrats that have an agenda). Case in point:

Poll Sheds Some Light On America's Feeling On Mitt Romney

An excerpt from the article linked above highlights the latter of the two outcomes of faulty analysis:

"Nonetheless, for some reason, he is not impressive enough to meet the requirements of the American public. The results of a recent poll indicated that only 16% of Americans say they will vote for him if he became the Republican nominee. Just below half, 46%, say they will not vote for him: 1/3 of those polled are not sure. When this issue was presented to the Republican Party's political committee, the news was still not good: 1/3 would vote for him, three in ten would not cast their vote for Mitt Romney and another third are not sure."

What the? If you actually go to the Harris Interactive Poll it spells out that the NATIONAL polls reflect a nation who has yet to get to know Mitt. The poll actually says this point blank and for some reason (Cough - HUFFICRAT - Cough) the information written - in rather benign terms seeking to leave one to believe "we're just reporting the facts here. . ." - fails to report the obvious. And, by the by - nowhere does it say the "Republican Party's Political Committee" would not vote for Mitt.

So, for those who know what your Mittiot is about to peck out with feverish twitches of angst: skip down. For those who can't get enough of the logic, or just don't get it: please, read on.

NATIONAL POLLS REFLECT THE NATURAL IGNORANCE OF AN ELECTORATE WHO CANNOT POSSIBLY KNOW ALL THE CANDIDATES, THEIR STANCES, THEIR CHARISMA, THEIR QUALIFICATIONS. (which is why we actually have an Electoral College) BUT, Those republican individuals who get to know Mitt Romney - Those true fence-sitters who actually meet the guy - BECOME MITTIOTS! Time and time again, they like what they see. As such (and this isn't faulty analysis), Mitt Romney will win the national nomination, and he'll do it state by state (as the process was intended.)


Here's another example of the "Mittiot Effect" (this is what we're going to start calling the above theme. . . the Mittiot Effect. . . sounds good): Read the San Jose Mercury account of Mitt's recent campaign stop here.

Kinda, "milk toast" eh? Now checkout what someone - non-Media - had to say:

"I was there. This article makes it seem like all of the questions were "soft balls" but that is not the case. While some questions were easy fruit to pick for Romney, other questions were more pointed (specifically related to education and immigration). The fact that Romney answered these questions thoughtfully, without missing a beat, integrating his prior experience as governor made the questions seem easy. However, if Thompson were tossed these questions, he would likely give a generic answer or a simple "I'm not aware of that" as he did when asked about the Jena 6. I walked away convinced that Romney would actually leave Washington better than he found it if he were elected. We are in dire need of change, but I want someone to change Washington for the better. Romney actually has a plan that makes me believe things will be better when he is done. Other candidates may have me convinced that change will happen, but not that the change will necessarily be good for the USA. On a side note, I found Romney to be a warmer speaker than I expected. He seemed very comfortable, not afraid to try out new material and laugh at himself a bit. I enjoyed the sincerity." - Posted by Shane
Shane has himself, become a Mittiot. Your "original" Mittiot (now I have to distinguish myself) would like to backup Shane's observation with one of my own from the recent GOP event in Northern Michigan.

One thing that struck me as BS from some of the reporting (OK. . . the New York Times) of the Mackinac Conference was that the applause for Mitt wasn't strong when he keynoted the Saturday lunch, that Mitt's speech wasn't received the way Rudy's or McCain's (though the consensus does seem to be that Thompson was a bit flat and needs to get his feet under him - bet that "testing the waters for 6 months" doesn't seem like all that great an idea after all. . .), or the packed LUNCH (not dinner) crowd at the Grand somehow didn't appreciate the address. Again, this analysis is either idiotic or agenda laden. Your Mittiot was there. Mitt Romney commanded the room. Every eye that could see him was watching, individuals were locked in on his words intently - intensely - listening (he is, after all Michigan's son). I didn't have a great seat for the event (Zimms, we'll talk about this later) and as such, I was able to look around the room trying to catch a glimpse of Mitt and turning back to the closed circuit televisions distributed around the sprawling facility. I saw the faces, and what I say is true, Mitt Romney had captured the crowd.

One of the articles mentions that when Romney correctly noted we (the GOP) "must put our own house in order" awkward clapping followed. That's not true. I know, because I literally led the applause - which was strong. Directly following the end of that strong round of applause, Romney made another remark that elicited a few to applaud again - but it was out of cadence - and didn't catch. IT WASN'T that Romney was off the mark - Mitt received much applause throughout the address. And, lastly, the standing ovation following Romney's address was very long and very, very, genuine. It just kept going and going and . . .

No, Media. No, no, Hufficrats. Don't come into OUR house - into the state that bore Mitt - and tell us that we are anything less than ready to send Mitt to the White House.

~ so sayeth the Mittiot

Monday, September 24, 2007



Here ya go, fellow Mittiots, two days after the Mackinac Straw-Poll of which the top GOP contenders participated, are the Fox News Headlines:

The Promise Of PalmettoFOX News - 1 hour agoThis year, as former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney maintains leads in Iowa and New Hampshire, several other Republicans are hoping that South Carolina ...

Black Forum Forges Forward as Republicans Continue to Bail OutFOX News - 1 hour agoMitt Romney, and actor and former Tennessee Sen. Fred Thompson. US Rep. Elijah Cummings, D-Md., sent a letter to Republican National Committee leaders on ...

Romney Withholds Comment on KillingsFOX News - 2 hours agoRepublican presidential candidate Mitt Romney said Monday he was troubled that private security guards working in Iraq for his top counterterrorism adviser ...

Ahmadinejad's Visit Becomes Talking Point on the Campaign TrailFOX News - 5 hours agoSeparately, Republican Mitt Romney began running radio ads in South Carolina and Iowa urging the United Nations to withdraw its invitation to Ahmadinejad to ...

Romney Touts His Business ExperienceFOX News - Sep 23, 2007Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney cast himself as more businessman than politician Sunday, as the one-time venture capitalist tried to ...

Hillary Clinton Defends Health Care PlanFOX News - Sep 23, 2007Republican challenger Mitt Romney responded by saying her refusal to denounce the Ivy League school's decision "demonstrates weakness. ...

Analysis: Bush Unwelcome on the TrailFOX News - Sep 23, 2007Competing to succeed him, top GOP candidates Rudy Giuliani, Mitt Romney, Fred Thompson and John McCain barely utter Bush's name. They essentially ignore the ...

Democrats: Party of Detail So Far in '08FOX News - Sep 22, 2007Mitt Romney has his "Strategy for a Stronger America." John McCain still serves up his "straight talk." But, whether by design or default, they leave far ...

Romney Issues Challenge to GOPFOX News - Sep 22, 2007Republican Mitt Romney bluntly challenged his own party while John McCain and Rudy Giuliani assailed Democratic rivals as the GOP presidential hopefuls ...

Romney Scolds GOP in Ad, Open LetterFOX News - Sep 21, 2007By JIM KUHNHENN, Associated Pre Writer WASHINGTON — Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney is scolding his party in a nationally broadcast ad Sunday ...

Notta one mentions the Michigan's Straw-Poll, AMAZING.

Take for example the "Democrats: Party of Detail" article. What the? Romney has a 67 page Strategy for Strengthening America - deep on detail. [you can read it here]

Now, your Mittiot understands that a lot of these articles are AP - and not from the guys of Fox News channel we love (Chris Wallace, not withstanding). But come on. . . no mention of the January 15th Primary State's leanings???? I guess it'll take a lead in Florida (which is coming) to get noticed. . . or would that even help?


Thank You, Mitt! For leading the stand against allowing a terrorist "free speech" in NYC. I suppose that's what the jets flying into the twin towers, Pentagon, and Pennsylvania country side were. . . Political Speech. [Good articel by the Washington Times, RE: Romney on Ahmadinejad]

Here's your Mittiot's (and the rest of the thinking world's) prediction: IRAN NEWS:


Why not make him use the NYTIMES for his baseless, hateful, rhetoric, he'd get that "liberal discount" we've all been hearing about. . .


Calling ALL Mittiots, we need you to sign up and keep the mo-MITT-enum rolling! Click the link below to join the September Push.

~so sayeth the Mittiot

Sunday, September 23, 2007


ON THE MACKINAC CONFERENCE: Our man Mitt, once again, shows why he's in the "poll"-position for the race to become the nominee of the GOP. Blowin' the doors of Team McCain and literally laping Giuliani and Thompson, Romney scorched the field taking 39% of the nearly 1000 SURE-TO-BE primary voters. Which, by the by, mirrors the latest Michigan polling of "likely primary voters."

Full Mackinac Straw-Poll Results: Romney 39% (383 votes); McCain 27 (260); Paul 11 (106); Giulaini 11 (104); Thompson 7 (70); Huckabee 3 (25); Hunter 1 (12); Brownback >1 (3); Tancredo 0 (0); Uncommitted 2 (16)

A good article here, or choose a related article to gather the buzz:

"Romney Wins Mackinac Poll" "In Michigan, Romney Works the House" "Romney Wins Straw Poll"

"What's your Mittiot's take?" you ask. Amazed at the level of organization of the Romney Team (of which I am a volunteer - not an employee), but not amazed at the results. As your Mittiot has said time and time and time again. . . ad nauseum - Once you hear Mitt Romney - Once you witnessed that so-called "Romney-Experience" - you cannot help but to become a Mittiot. The dems know it, the Hufficrats know it, the liberal media knows it and the other campaigns know it - and they will work tirelessly to derail Romney's campaign before Feb. 5th - because once he becomes the nominee, my fellow Mittiots, he will be the next President of the United States.

Your Mittiot had the pleasure, once again, of listening to Mitt - and he is dead on in understanding America's true needs and the role of the Central Government in fulfilling those needs. He is also dead on in calling on the GOP in DC to act a little more like the GOP of the states that the sent them there. He is dead on in reminding everybody - whether you agree with GW's positions or not - that President George Bush has restored personal integrity to the White House, which is extremely important to the American psyche in believing in the legitimacy of our leaders. Indeed, as Mr. Romney so pointedly notes, it does not serve us well to have a punch-line in the Oval Office. I could go on, but the bottom line is this: Mitt Romney will secure the GOP nomination. [read full Mackinac Conference speech below]


Maybe it's just a bit early after the straw-poll results, but I am perplexed that with all the GOP nominees involved (or hoping to be involved) in the Mackinac Conference that FOX would not at least mention the straw-poll in its updated political news. Maybe they're "toughening" Romney up for the big dance by beating him around like gnats at the BBQ. I guess your Mittiot should be thankful, HOWEVER, it's a bit hard to believe that while Brit Hume asks the question, "Why hasn't Romney caught on" FOX continues to ignore Romney's successes and strong lead in most of the Early Primary States.


Kinda speaks for it self. . .


Chuck, it's one thing when you support a candidate as the state's GOP National Committeeman because of what that candidate will do for our state and the nation, it's another thing to support a candidate from which your son is collecting a paycheck.

I will not say that Chuck Yob has not given a lot to the MIGOP cause (pardon the double negative) and will not second guess Mr. Yob's candidate choices in the past - but his actions regarding this presidential race must be looked at with a jaundiced eye - and the party cannot afford to be distracted by distrust. Mr. Yob has made a fine choice NOT so seek another term as Michigan's GOP National Committeeman.


To my GOP brethren (and sisteren?) standing firm on fighting a tax increase from the dems and the worse governor of all time, Jennifer Granholm, keep up the good fight! Your Mittiot - your Michiganian Public College Employee - would rather have the Government "shut-down" then to give in to the baseless "need" for a tax increase. . . and my job will be directly affected (as in a loss in pay and/or benefits) if the GOP reforms are passed - BUT IN THE LONG RUN, the state I wish to raise my son in will be better for it. STAY STRONG - DO NOT RAISE TAXES! (Take a page from Mitt's book and what he was able to for Mass.)

[democrats, all together now] "Oh, but we've had five years of cuts in Michigan and it hasn't worked. . ." BS! Here are the last five years of budget EXPENDITURES (not recommendations) from the gov's office and her latest RECOMMENDATION: (page 136 - good luck trying to read it!)

2003: 39.297 Billion Dollars (an INCREASE of 22o Million Dollars over the '02 Expenditure)

2004: 39.388 Billion Dollars (an INCREASE of 91 Million Dollars)

2005: 40.334 Billion Dollars (an INCREASE of 946 Million Dollars)

2006: 41.526 Billion Dollars (an INCREASE of 1 BILLION 192 Million Dollars)

AND, for 2007 the governor has recommended a budget of 42.585 Billion Dollars, which is AN INCREASE OF 1 BILLION 59 MILLION DOLLARS.


Since the gov has been in office - expenditures have gone UP nearly 2.5 Billion Dollars. And, just so you don't think that I'm turning a blind eye to the Republicans controlling the purse strings - had we put a stop to the spending early. . . GOP. . . we wouldn't facing the same 'ol, same 'ol, today.

Another little tidbit for my Michigan readers: In the last 10 years - from 1997 - 2007 (if the governor gets her recommendation) what we spend on government will have INCREASED nearly 12 BILLION DOLLARS ~ a 25% increase in the cost of government.


~ so sayeth the Mittiot. . . and every true Republican in the State.


“It’s good to be back home in Mackinac. One of the things I like best is that there are no cars on the island. Unfortunately, that’s Al Gore’s vision for all of America.“I spent a few great summers here – up in that big white home on the hill. We need to get a Republican family back in there again. And we need to keep a Republican family in the White House in Washington as well!

“I don’t have to tell you that my Dad made a mark on Michigan. And he made a mark on me. And I guess that is at the heart of things; he’s a big part of why I’m running for President today. In 1957, when he was the President of American Motors, he gave a speech in which he reported the following conversation:“‘My nine year old son’ – that would be me – ‘came home from school and said “Mom, we really build the best cars, don’t we?”

‘“She said, ‘Why Mitt, of course we do. Why do you ask?’“‘Well, if we build the best cars, why is it that less than three percent of the people agree with us?’“After my Dad heard of this conversation, he took me aside and said, ‘Look, Mitt, size doesn’t always indicate strength and popularity doesn’t always indicate truth, and sales volume doesn’t always indicate value.’“And then he added: ‘Right always prevails.’“Quite a Dad, teaching lessons like that to his nine year old son. Lessons I have taken to heart.

“Now, a few years older, as I have looked at the history of this nation, I have become convinced that right does indeed prevail. America has faced and overcome great challenges. These have become defining moments, inflection points, where the course of our history has changed.

“I believe that we are at an inflection point today. Forces of globalization, the emergence of new economic powerhouses like China and India, and the spread of radical violent Jihad have created a perfect storm that will change the course of our nation. And, we face unprecedented challenges in securing our borders, protecting the family, creating new jobs and achieving energy security.“The people of this great nation have always taken a hand in shaping our own destiny. I believe the American people will rise to the occasion once again, as we have always done before. But at this critical time in our nation’s history, Washington is failing us.

“I think we’d have to admit that the blame doesn’t all belong to the Democrats. We Republicans have to put our own house in order. We can’t be like Democrats – a party of big spenders. We can’t pretend our borders are secure from illegal immigration. We can’t have ethical standards that are a punch line for Jay Leno. When Republicans act like Democrats, America loses.“We’ve got to start acting like Republicans, not earmarking Republicans, not big government Republicans, but like Reagan Republicans and Teddy Roosevelt Republicans. They led us along the right course.“It’s time for us to show the confidence my Dad had that right will always prevail.“It’s time for change in Washington and change begins with us.

“Republicans for Change believe in small government. Governments should be restrained so that the freedoms and vitality of individuals and enterprises can be unleashed. Compared to free markets and free enterprises, government is slow to act, wasteful, duplicative, bureaucratic, inefficient, ineffective, and unresponsive. Have I left anything out? Other than that, government isn’t all bad. “Hillary Clinton fundamentally doesn’t trust the private sector. Of course not, she’s never worked in the private sector, except to sue people. So when she sees a problem in the marketplace, she naturally thinks more government and higher taxes are the solution. She sees the problems in healthcare, for example, and proposes more government. With her plan, patients would have to get used to hearing these words: ‘The bureaucrat will see you now.’ The right answer is less government, less regulation, more individual responsibility, and more of the market dynamics that propel the rest of our economy. This is why I predict that HillaryCare version 2.0 will meet the same fate as version one: ignominious defeat.Republicans for Change like small government.

“Republicans for Change are also fiscally responsible. We refuse to charge our children and grandchildren for our excessive spending. Even in Massachusetts facing a nearly $3 billion budget gap, the legislature and I balanced the budget every year and replenished the rainy day fund, without raising taxes and without raising our borrowing cap. Now it’s Washington’s turn to do the same. If I am elected President, I will cap non-military discretionary spending at inflation less one percent. If I get appropriations above that amount, I will veto them. And I like vetoes. I’ve vetoed hundreds of items already. Let’s put some fresh ink in the Presidential veto pen! “Here in Michigan, Governor Granholm has taken this state to the brink. By not restructuring state programs and by not shrinking government, she has precipitated a Hobbesian choice – raise taxes or shut down government. If you like what Governor Granholm has done to Michigan, you’ll love what a President Hillary Clinton would do to America. Let’s make sure America doesn’t make the same mistake Michigan made last November!

“Republicans for Change believe in strength. We know that the best foe against tyrants and the best ally peace has ever known is a strong America. We will strengthen the military with more troops, better armament, and better care for our veterans. We will also strengthen our economy with lower taxes and energy security. And we will strengthen the American family. There is no work more important to the future of America than the work that goes on within the four walls of the American home. The American family is the foundation upon which this country’s greatness has been built, but it is a foundation in need of shoring up.

“Republicans for Change know how to run a tight ship. The Katrina clean-up didn’t look like Republicans were in charge. We need to bring more accountability back to Washington. You have heard of the sub-prime credit crisis. Well, there’s a government agency that’s supposed to prevent problems like that from occurring, warning consumers, warning lenders. But they didn’t do their job. And do you know what will happen? Congress will give them more money. Do you know what should happen? Heads should roll.

“Republicans for Change have high ethical standards. I’m tired of hearing Washington officials remind us that everyone makes mistakes. Yes, but not everyone is a Congressman or a Senator or a President. They asked for this job and asked for our trust. They represent the American people. They are held up before our children. We expect higher standards of ethical conduct from Washington. We expect our elected officials to be good role models, not bad examples – thank you President Bush for restoring personal integrity and dignity to the White House. And I can guarantee you, Ann and I will do nothing that would embarrass the people of America! “Presidents lead by example. And so, if I’m elected President, one of my first acts will be to issue an Executive Order prohibiting the immediate family of my Cabinet and Senior Staff from lobbying the Executive Branch. The standard for high ethical conduct has to be set at the top.

"Republicans for Change are respectful and civil. We will work with good Democrats, Democrats who also love America, to change Washington and confront the new generation of challenges we face. The political atmosphere in Washington has become so toxic, we are in danger of weakening ourselves from within. America needs unifying leadership. I’ve found that we can find common ground with Democrats from time to time. I love what Ronald Reagan said ‘It’s not that liberals are ignorant, it’s just that what they know is wrong!’“Well, we can teach them now and then, and when we do, America wins.

“Republicans for Change aren’t afraid to tackle big problems. None is greater than the spread of radical, violent Jihadism. John Edwards says there is no War on Terror – it’s just a bumper sticker. Tell that to the people of Indonesia, Malaysia and Bali. Tell that to the people of Tanzania, Kenya and Spain. Tell that to the people of London, Washington and New York City. There is a war being waged against us by the terrorists for the future of our civilization, and if I am president, the war against the terrorists will be won!“Let’s not forget that our President has kept us safe these last six years. And it has not been easy. He fought for the Patriot Act. He listened when al-Qaeda was plotting. He interrogated terrorists. When Khalid Sheik Mohammad, the so-called mastermind of 9/11 was captured, he told his captors, ‘I’ll see you in New York with my lawyers.’ That didn’t happen. Instead, he saw GI’s and CIA interrogators at Guantanamo, and that’s just the way it ought to be!

“Republicans for Change fight to protect the family. The family is under attack. Our children need to be taught that before they have babies, they need to get married. Out-of-wedlock childbirth should once again be out of fashion.“There are different kinds of families, many doing a heroic job under difficult circumstances. The ideal setting for raising a child is and will always be where there is a mother and a father. Some liberal judges don’t see it that way. That is why it is time for a federal amendment that defines marriage as the union of a man and a Woman! “After the Columbine school shooting, Peggy Noonan wrote that our kids are swimming in an ocean of filth – pornography, sex, violence, perversion. The boys who did the shooting, she said, had drunk too deep of the polluted water. It’s time to clean up the water our kids are swimming in. I will make sure every home computer has an easy to engage filter to keep filth out of our homes. I want to enforce our obscenity laws. And for those who use the internet to find children for their perverted abuse, I say, ‘One Strike and You’re Ours!’ You’ll be facing a long prison sentence, and when you get out, a GPS tracking device for the rest of your life.

"Republicans for Change aren’t afraid to talk about faith. We recognize the hand of the Creator in the founding of our nation. We will fight to keep the words ‘under God’ in the Pledge of Allegiance. Have you seen the new dollar coin? ‘In God We Trust’ has been moved. It’s not on the face of the coin anymore, it’s on the edge – virtually invisible, just like the ACLU wants Him to be. I will go to work to get God back on the front of our coin!“I will fight to make sure our future is not defined by the letters ‘ACLU,’ but by the letters ‘USA.’

“Republicans for Change are patriotic. We love the flag. We say the pledge. We tell soldiers in the airport, ‘Thank you for your service, for your sacrifice.’ And when a Republican says ‘We support our troops,’ it comes from the heart.“Have you noticed what happens at the Olympics when someone wins the gold medal? Athletes from other countries ascend the medal stand, and they high-five and celebrate while their country’s anthem is played. But Americans place their hand on their heart and they sing the words to the Star Spangled Banner.“I don’t know where our tradition of placing our hand over our heart during the national anthem came from. I imagine that it is a sign of love – for our flag, for America, for freedom. And it is something more – our hand covers our heart to show our appreciation for the patriots who have shed their blood for our freedom.

‘O beautiful for heroes proved in liberating strife, who more than self their country loved and mercy more than life.’

“American patriotism is why I am convinced this nation will always prevail as the greatest hope of the earth.“America faces unprecedented challenges, a virtual perfect storm buffeting the pillars of our strength. The course of our history will change. And for America to remain the great nation it has always been, it will look to Republicans for leadership.

“At the beginning of my remarks, I told you about that speech my Dad gave a half-century ago. In it, he quoted Ralph Waldo Emerson, one of the great American philosophers, who said, ‘There is no weakness except from within, and the only unsurmountable barrier is our own inherent weakness of purpose.’“That was true then, and it’s true now. It’s why change must begin with us.

“Now is the time, this is the place, for Republicans to stand together – to stand for Republican principles.

“Now is the time, this is the place, for the campaign of change to move boldly forward.

“Now is the time, this is the place for Republicans to lead America in strength, in faith, in family, in what is right. For right will always prevail.

“Thank you, and God bless you.”

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