Wednesday, July 18, 2007



Hey there fellow Mittiots, the often-times-daily, Daily Mittiot will be shooting to the GREAT STATE OF FLORIDA over the next few days to help secure that state for Mitt (and get my my cousin, "Cousin Mittiot," married off in the process!) . We're even going to spend some lint in Disney World to make sure "Mickey Mittiot" and "Minnie Mittiot" are on the Romney Train (we'll leave Goofy to the dems - he'll be right at home - Ooo Zinger!)

At any rate just a thought to ponder for my Michigan Brethren: Mitt is leading in Michigan - by a long shot [read the article] - it's time to get on board! Take a moment (if you haven't yet) to go to our Michigan site: and "Join the Team!" Shop the Gear, and maybe if you really want to help pull Michigan out of our one-state recession, make a contribution to the committee of the next President of the United States - our man Mitt Romney!

Mitt's going to win and you're going to make it happen!

~ so sayeth the Mittiot!

OH, And by the way you bunch of Yellow Journalists: "Don't know" is not the same as "None of the Above" - I actually groaned when I heard the story - [linked below] - keep graspin' Hufficrats, keep graspin'.

Republicans backing 'None of the above'

Excerpt: ". . .In comparison, "Other," "none" and "don't know" -- in other words, "none of the above" -- drew a total of 25 percent. . ." (in FL, 60% still don't know enough about Mitt Romney to give an opinion). Once again the Media proves its true value, the bunch of friggin' idiots - so sayeth (with an expletive or two) the Mittiot.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007



"Romney Spends It Faster Than He Gets It." Is the headline de'jure regarding Mitt's campaign. Believe it or not, your happy Mittiot has a thought on that.

Some time in the middle of last year, as Chairman of the Jackson County GOP, I (and a few interested members of the 7th Congressional Dist.) had the opportunity to do a small group meeting with the Gov. I was already a "Mittiot," committed to the Romney cause primarily for Michigan's sake (and now for the Country and World for that matter), but couldn't help to be aw struck, again, by Mitt Romney's fingertip command of the numbers regarding the state of Massachusetts and his policy positions. One of the members of the motley group asked Mitt about the bio-medical industry and Massachusetts' success in attracting such firms to the state and its tech-corridor. The Governor, grinned, drew in a split-second breath, and exhaled something that was so to the point and tailored to the heart of the member's question, my jaw dropped. Mitt gave the exact dollar amount the tech industry had brought to Mass, and then compared it to the tourist industry. The difference was millions to billions. This was so poignant to those of us sitting around the Governor because Michigan (like Massachusetts) is - or one was - a major tourist destination and we have forgotten this - as we fall to the bottom of the heap (thank you, Granholm) - in pursuit of the uncertain, relatively minimal, tech dollars out there. "Invest in your tourism and it will pay huge dividends." Romney ended the answer.

In all my studies as a PoliSci professor, I have but a few times come across a leader who could so methodically and precisely assess the situation, identify the issue, and present the logical explanation and solution. And, my dear reader this is just one example, Romney does it again, and again, and. . .

Later that same day, I attended another meeting with the Governor (my father was with me - and I only mention this because he and I stuck out like sorely under-dressed thumbs, of which he'll not let me forget. . . State Conventions are always "casual business attire," I assured him. . . my bad) at any rate, we were there as potential members of Mitt's Michigan Steering Committee - mostly it was state elected officials, Mitt's brother, Scott, and family, and a few other well dressed attendees packed in the small but plush room. The meeting started out with Mitt's "pondering" to run for president. After the obligatory back slapping and cheers of encouragement, Mitt sat down as the room fell silent, inched to the edge of his chair, leaned forward, placed his elbows on his knees, clasped his hands and said, "Here's the bottom line, I'll be one of the few candidates that has the capability to stay in it until the end and has the means necessary to ensure the voters get to know me and our campaign. . ." Again, moving right to the heart of the this-time-silent question on everybody's mind: "You're a great guy Mitt, but besides us who knows it? McCain has got so much name recognition. Giuliani is 'America's Mayor.' Newt is on Fox nearly every night. We love you, but. . ." Questions aside, it has become obvious [see the Hugh Hewitt piece, here], from Iowa to New Hampshire to Michigan: When people get to know Mitt they become, well, Mittiots.

Which brings your Uber-Mittiot to the topic at hand, the "headline de'jure." You see, Lefty Media, Hufficrats and Hufficans, Mitt doesn't "Spend It Faster Than He Gets It," Mitt's already got it. If Mitt raised 14 thousand rather than 14 million last quarter - he'd still have 20.5 million on his ledger. Mitt Romney is going to win - and if you haven't figured it out for yourself then allow me to explain why: He's a phenomenal candidate, both principled and qualified. AND, he has the means - as dollars come in from the outside, or from his family portfolio - to make sure the majority of voters know it. Our job, as Mittiots, is to ensure that we raise the dollars necessary so when Mitt really taps into his personal coffers we don't just out-invest our competition, we bury them under the weight of their own campaign debt.

Apples to apples, Mitt Romney will be the next President of the United States.

~ so sayeth the Mittiot.

Sunday, July 15, 2007



One constant - if not obnoxious - point your Mittiot keeps coming back to is: "Polls do not matter." And then, turn around and cite some cherry-picked poll. You're Mittiot isn't alone in this bombastic venture, but at least I preface the point. Having said this, it is true your Mittiot has taken his knowledge of the political process (which falls somewhere between Henry Kissinger's and Al Sharpton's - but who's doesn't) and offered some savory, sage, tips. Such as:

1. Look at the Polls in Trend

2. Look at the Early Primary (EP) States

3. And, for today's lesson: Listen to the Insiders

Republicans See Giuliani and Romney Neck-And-Neck

July 13, 2007 11:04 p.m. EST- Christopher Rizo, AHN Staff Writer

Washington, D.C. (AHN) -An overwhelming majority of Democratic political insiders believes that Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-NY) has the best chance to win the 2008 Democratic presidential nomination.

Republican insiders, meanwhile, see the GOP race was neck-and-neck between former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney.

For Full Post:

Now, you gotta ask yourselves first, "Who did the polling?" and second, "Who are the 'insiders'?" GREAT QUESTIONS TO ALWAYS ASK. Your Mittiot has the "insiders" below, and the polling was done by the National Journal - a very reputable media source.

Speaking of the National Journal: When your Mittiot was going to Mitt-chigan State University, and on the downside of Nana-Mittiot requesting "Christmas gift ideas," I made mention that I'd like a subscription to the National Journal. Ah, yes, William F. Buckley slunken down in that over stuffed leather chair, muttering the value of a conservative outlet for news, in that melodic, monotone, New England drawl, - I actually imagined myself starting up the practice of pipe smoking as I settled in for a good read. What I ended up with was a subscription to the New Yorker. . . What the hell did I do to deserve that? For the next TWO YEARS, 8 1/2 x 11 inch beer coasters would arrive promptly on the month, and I came to see the internal workings of the liberal mind. Yes, I have stood at the gates of hell, brother, and the gate-keeper is a monocle sporting tabby under a stovepipe hat. NOTE TO NANA-MITTIOT: For the seldom short comings of a wayward son, COAL will suffice.

~ so sayeth the Mittiot.

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National Journal Insiders Poll: