Friday, May 18, 2007


ON NH POLL: Don't have to tell "The Mittiot" about polls. In fact, I'm the last person to which you have to explain early polling - but poliwonks know "trends do matter" - and Romney is doing well in the momentum building, EP, states (EP as in "early primary"). Gander at MI, look longingly at Iowa, and down right ogle NH (and take a squint peak at SC) - Romney's doing A-OK. _______________________________________________________________ Thursday, May 17, 2007 Romney leads in second NH poll For the second week in a row, Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney is leading in a poll of New Hampshire Republicans. Romney leads the new Zogby poll with 35 percent, solidly ahead of John McCain and Rudy Giuliani who were tied at 19 percent. The poll sampled 500 likely voters and had a margin of error of 4.5 percent. A poll last week by Survey USA had showed a similar lead for Romney in New Hampshire. _________________________________________________________________ Here's the fear of your humble Mittiot: WMR peeks too early. . . smart campaigns know that momentum is best building to a lather at the end - not the beginning. Now, you don't have to pull a "Street Sense" and come from 18th to 1st with steps to go - but hanging back in a strong 3rd or 2nd isn't a bad gig. Nationally, we're there - we just have to keep trending in the right direction! Romney's a smart Jockey - we'll be fine. ON McCAIN-KENNEDY: Yeesch, eck! Your normally loquacious Mittiot is stunned! NOTE TO MCCAIN: The illegals cannot vote for you! Build the FENCE - NOW - worry about the illegals already here after the last gun-tower goes up. This is as clear as my son's Mickey blues, THEY AIN'T GOIN' ANYWHERE - THAT'S THE PROBLEM! So focus on the securing the border - before another gaggle of low-rung, would-be-burdens storms the Rio, bringing another Jihadist in with 'em. They'll be time to figure out what to do with the illegals - ONCE THE BORDER IS SECURE. ON RON PAUL: The Mittiot has already professed his love for our State GOP Chairman, Saul Anuzis! But for a little spicy-spice, I've got to disagree: Ron Paul WAS NOT the first to put forth the idea that we (the God -Lovin' U S of A) asked for the Caliphate mongers - who've been fighting this "Holy War" for 2000 years - to come kill 3,200 plus fellow citizens. In fact, right when the two-towers came crashing down and we all scrambled for something to do to make us feel more than helpless - I fired an email off to my higher ed brethren reminding them that "America is at its' best when things are at their worst" - I got an email right back stating something to the effect that our greedy control of resources and exploitation of the world's down trodden caused this massacre of 9/11. . . Oh really? We're screwing the Middle East? By how? - BUYING THEIR ONLY COMMODITY, the sludge under their feet? Seems Ron Paul and the liberals have a belief in common - "everything is the fault of the US and Global Capitalism" - a new spin on blamin' the victim! ~so sayeth The Mittiot. Here's one more to chew on: "Why are the dems more concerned that WE give-up rather than Al Quieda?" (~so"asketh" The Mittiot.)

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Thursday, May 17, 2007


ON SIGN-UP AMERICA: The push to bring in 24,000 new supporters in two days - AND SET A RECORD - was overwhelmingly successful. According to Steve Sachs (Team Romney, Mid-Michigan's College/Youth Coordinator), "We did it! At 10:15 we hit 24,500! And brought in a ton of contributions. . ." CONGRATS to all you hard working "honorary Mittiots" out there - you're the reason the Romney's will be in the White House come January of '09 (To be sure, with 5 boys, their spouses, and the gaggle of grandchildern - we might have to pass the hat to add another wing to the Ol' Federal Style dandy). FOLLOW-UP ON FRED: Today, our own Saul Anuzis (MIGOP Chairman) blogged his experience while at the SC Debates and some of the Thompson (sorry, Tommy, they're buzzing about the other Thompson) rumors: "Questions were about the potential late entry…could he raise the money…put together an organization…catch McCain, Romney or Giuliani in any states…yes, folks we're intrigued but far from convinced that he would offer a “real alternative”." (Anuzis - 5/17/07) Hmmmmm, "...far from convinced that he would offer a "real alternative"?" I believe your Daily Mittiot made the same conclusion only yesterday. It's time to poop or scoot, Fred. The FoxCam caught Saul at the debate looking dapper and doing "Mitt-chigan" proud. And "some" (we needn't name names) wanted to oust him. . . tisk, tisk - Saul's been an asset to the effort in "righting Michigan." Finally, "THAT'S MY BOY!" Well, they both are - but the little one is actually my offspring. . . a wee little Mittiot. The photo is from the campaign's official website:

~ so sayeth the Mittiot

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Wednesday, May 16, 2007


ON FOX DEBATE: Did anyone catch the supple yet noticeable remark Rudy made to McCain re: Gilmore's catchy 'Rudy McRomney' tag? When asked about it, the former Mayor of NYC noted that it sounded like a "great ticket. . ." and then he added ". . . and, John, in that order." Was Rudy stretching out a hand to John McCain for a Giuliani/McCain ticket???? Luckily, we shouldn't have to worry about it - as I'm coining the new tag, "Mitt Rice-ney". . . now that's a ticket. ON "FLIP-FLOP MITT:" There's a credibility issue - but not on the side of Romney, it's on the side of all those self- proclaimed conservatives that push to get individuals to make principled statement's supporting the cause and then beat them up when they do. It's the old "carrot on a stick" routine: You reach for the carrot as offered and when you do, you get whacked with the stick! NOTE TO CONSERVATIVES EVOKING THE SPIRIT OF RONALD REAGAN: REAGAN WAS A CARD CARRYING COMMUNIST BEFORE HE BECAME A REPUBLICAN! He was wrong, he admitted it, changed his positions on - among other things - ABORTION, and was arguably the best President this country has ever witnessed. Mitt has made no compunction about telling the nation he has come around on certain issues - is it a "flip flop" - well if it is, there are a whole bunch of politicians who've done, are doin' and will be doin' the "flippy-flippy-shake." ON FRED THOMPSON: If the conservatives really want Fred - why aren't Fred's numbers better? We've been talkin' about him for the past two months - he's a de facto candidate. NOTE TO FRED: "CRAP OR GET OFF THE POT" - you're giving the left-wing pundits a reason to create controversy. If the Republican Base cannot find a candidate to their liking from the 10 (well, 9 and Ron Paul) candidates that have announced then they aren't listening to what our guys are saying. Thompson will not tell the party faithful anything that hasn't been said by Mitt or Mike or Duncan. We have a flavor to fit every GOP Taste - Fred Thompson will just be a lot more of the same 'ol. Please, Fred, get in if you're getting in. . . or dump the feign. ~ so sayeth the Daily Mittiot.

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