Friday, May 25, 2007


ON THE STATE OF THE "STRUGGLING STATE": "Mittiot?" - not for this report - this is purely a report of the shoddy job our "Governor" (you'd think there's an implication of "Governance" in that title) is doing TO the citizens of Michigan. So, let's call it the "Daily Michiganian" today or some semblance there of. . .
If there's any connection to the Daily Mittiot's central topic - it's WHY can't Michigan have a Governor like Mitt Romney?
To My Michigan Readers: As we continue this debate of raising taxes on citizens or reducing spending, I just wanted to bring to your attention the following: >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Credit: State Senator, Jack Hoogendyk ( for the info, I received via Nick's site ( "Lets start with a contract to IBM for "Lawson Implementation" for the state's Human Resource Management Network. What started in 1999 as a contract for $16 million expired at the end of last year. Any guess on what it ballooned to by the time the state got if off the books? Don't bother, I'll tell you. Nearly $33 million. That's more than a 100% increase. In other words, IBM got the contract to do something for the state and for whatever reason the bureaucrats in Lansing let the dollars get away from them. Outrageous, right? Hardly. That's a tame example. Lets take a look at a few more... Company: Ameritech Purpose: Master contract for voice and data communications and network services Signed for: $17,198,640 Ballooned to: $128,991,909 Increased: 650% Company: Electronic Data Systems Purpose: End-user computing hardware, software and services for agencies statewide through DMB Signed for: $57,639,222 Ballooned to: $555,089,402 Increased: 863% Company: Unisys Corporation Purpose: Mainframe hardware and software for the MI Information Processing Center Signed for: $28,663,778 Ballooned to: $92,169,104 Increased: 222% Company: Oracle Corporation Purpose: Software and support for state agencies Signed for: $2,000,000 Ballooned to: $144,055,000 Increased: 7,103% (7,103%? 7,103 PERCENT???????? $142,000,000.00 taxpayer dollars! Here's your revenue sharing - The Michiganian) Company: Motorola, Inc Purpose: 800 MHz radio system for Michigan State Police Signed for: $187,275,915 Ballooned to: $228,442,720 Increased: 22% Company: GC Services Limited Partnership Purpose: MARCS for the Department of Treasury Signed for: $63,927,140 Ballooned to: $189,878,143 Increased: 197% Company: Nextel West Corp. Purpose: Nextel Communication Units / Training / Service for all State agencies Signed for: $963,584 Ballooned to: $3,963,584 Increased: 311% Company: Policy Studies, Inc. Purpose: Project management services providing assistance in transition planning and program management for MiCSES Signed for: $5,548,205 Ballooned to: $200,284,950 Increased: 3,510% (WHAT THE? - THIS IS FOR "TRANSITION PLANNING AND MANAGEMENT!" A 3,510% Increase! Something stinks! - The Michiganian) Company: Unisys Corporation Purpose: Computer consultants to provide maintenance, technical services and support for the ASSIST project for DHS Signed for: $13,123,792 Ballooned to: $53,431,398 Increased: 307% Company: Enfotech & Consulting Inc. Purpose: Consulting services for an electronic wastewater discharge reporting system for the DEQ. Signed for: $472,580 Ballooned to: $4,411,773 Increased: 834% Company: IBM Corporation Purpose: Michigan Administrative Information Network (MAIN) technology services for the Department of Management and Budget Signed for: $69,213,188 Ballooned to: $230,453,294 Increased: 233% All told, information and technology contracts alone have ballooned by over *$1.67 BILLION ($167,000,000,000.00 taxpayer dollars). That's not responsible government and it clearly isn't "cutting to the bone." Never mind the discussion of whether or not we should be spending millions of dollars on things like cell phone training. With numbers like that, the administration's going to have a pretty tough time convincing many more people the state has a taxing problem, not a spending problem." <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< . . . The Governor seems to have an over-site problem AND a spending problem . . . So, Reader: When taken into consideration with the following facts below, it is clear: The GOVERNOR could, could have, should have, offered a balanced budget that protects Education, Health Care and Revenue Sharing (not to mention our Bond-rating) by just doing the job she was elected to do - fiscally administer public policy as set by the legislature. This is an unnecessary debate we are having. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Credit: Saul Anuzis, Chairman MIGOP for compiling the info and siting the source. "Following last Friday’s revenue estimating conference, state fiscal experts pegged current General Fund spending for fiscal year (FY 2007) at: $8,804,300,000.00 (Source: House Fiscal Agency) Governor Granholm’s budget for this year – mirrored in budget bills moving through the state House – calls for spending in the General Fund (FY 2008) of: $9,610,900,000.00 (Source: Governor’s Executive Budget Recommendation for FY 2008) Today, House Democrats are poised to vote on a plan to raise people’s income taxes, a move that would bring to Lansing next year: $900,000,000.00 (Source: House Democratic Policy Documents) RECAP: The Governor has requested an INCREASE in state spending of 9.1 percent (Source: HFA and Executive Budget Recommendation) While the current Consumer Price Index has only increased 2.1 percent (Source: Consensus Revenue Estimating Conf.) AND, the Dems propose to hike state income tax 18 percent (Source: House Bill 4500)" to pay for the INCREASE in spending. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< The $1.3 Billion dollar shortfall that we NEED to close OR ELSE sickly, uneducated, students will not receive their dire health care via their floundering county health agency (stick with me: the predicted "sky is falling" cuts in education, health care & revenue sharing) - YET, all the Governor had to do was insure that the CONTRACTs agreed upon came in at the amount negotiated. To put it another way, THE $1.67 BILLION we OVER SPENT in just technology and information CONTRACTs would have covered the predicted shortfall. (And Granholm would still have a cushy 300 Million left in balance to fly the kids to the island for a sleepover - note the sarcasm.) To put it still another way: The Dems - who want businesses to pay "their fare share" - Piddled HALF of the SBT dollars collected from ALL State businesses ("MONIES WE CAN'T POSSIBLY DO WITHOUT!") by drastically over-paying just these 12 companies above. . . ABSOLUTELY DUMBFOUNDING! NOTE TO GRANHOLM: JUST DO YOUR JOB! ~ so sayeth the "Michiganian"

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Thursday, May 24, 2007


Romney Wins the CRNC Straw Poll! With a Howard Dean-like, "YEAAAOW" your fellow Mittiot clamors from his desk chair perched in front of his compooper! Primaries are won in the trenches, not in the press, not by bloggers (wait a second. . . what?) and not by hefty priced haircuts. Primaries are won in the trenches and, my dear bloggee, the trench battles are fought and won by the grassroots warriors - in other words, the all so important "college student." God love 'em, those young adults who have yet to be sullied by the political process or to find out just how much "fun" door-to-dooring, lit drops & phone banking can really be! If money is the "Mother's Milk" then college students are the 'Nilla Wafers - and it seems the Romney's pantry is gut-bustin' stocked in Milk and Cookies!
A soft reminder to all those who want to put Mitt in the White House - which includes your Mittiot - campaigns ebb and flow, and in the end we're all in it for the same reason: to turn the ol' Red White & Blue, U.S. of A just a bit more RED then liberal blue. So the following isn't meant to kick a man while he's going down, nor call into question the affable capabilities of the individual. . . but, hey, why Blog if all you're going to write is Milk Toast?
So, according to Arizona Daily Star (which for all I know may be just another liberal rag - a la the Boston Globe - hell bent on unseating another Republican),
A Senior State Republican, said that ''if McCain wants to be a full-time candidate and not be at the Senate, he ought to consider resigning.'' Pearce's comments come days after McCain lashed out at fellow Republican Senator John Cornyn (R-TX), after the Texan called out McCain for being''out of line'' by choosing to ''parachute in'' at the last minute despite not sitting in on negotiations on the Senate immigration bill. At that time McCain responded by accusing Cornyn of ''making a 'chickens-t' argument'' and shouting, ''Expletive you!'' We'll wait to see how McCain responds to the fellow Arizona Republican.
NOTE TO JOHN: It might be time for you to follow the lead of Bob Dole and commit full-time - and then CALL ON HILLARY AND OBAMA to do the same! Same advise as given to Fred: It's time to poop or scoot! "Full-time" or "No-time!"
On a similar note, according to the National Journal, seems the McCain team has just lost their S.C. Campaign Director, Brad Henry. Henry's moving on to run an AG re-Election race. AG re-Election race? are things really that bad. . . most rats at least wait for the ship to take on water.
~ so sayeth Steve Sachs - not really. . . though if I know Steve. . .

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Tuesday, May 22, 2007



"I have respect for Senator McCain, and I guess it just shows that even when he's wrong, he's amusing." - Mitt Romney to McCain on "Romney using his varmint gun and drive those Guatemalans off his lawn. . ."

That's funny.
Seriously, though, Congress has appropriated the funds to build 800 miles of fence - build the fence.
~so sayeth the Mittiot and MILLIONS of citizens from all over the political spectrum.


ON PRINCIPLE VERSUS POLICY: STOP THE PRESSES! THE MITTIOT HAS JUST FOUND OUT ROMNEY HAS CHANGED HIS POSITION ON ABORTION & GUN CONTROL! Really? I say good! and so do a lot of Republicans. The above is no longer news - and it hasn't been for a while. Why? Because of credibility. Mitt's credibility of principle and observable actions tell the story. Mitt Romney, dear friend, is no John Kerry - no matter how the field tries and tries to imply the ties. . . The Mittiot gravitated to the Romney campaign very early and has not been disappointed. I'll be the first to tell you that I do not line up with Mitt on every issue - not a big fan of No Child Left Behind for example - but on PRINCIPLE, you can't but love the man. 1st. The Mittiot is the "Mittiot" because he truly believes Romney is running for the job of President - not the title (say that without laughing in the same breath as Hillary Clinton). In a closed room meeting prior to announcing, Romney explained he believes he has the ability to change Washington (REF: article below) for the better and assist this country on strengthening its tenants. To Romney, he is simply offering his talents, experience, and service - and that ultimately, the people will decide if they want to take him up on the offer. I believe him - I believe IN HIM. This is Proper Principle of Leadership. 2nd. Romney wears his moral principles on his sleeve. He's willing to change his mind given the facts. If he makes a mistake he admits it. He understands the black and white of right and wrong - especially re: the war on terror. His public life has been one of service and strength. His family life (by every indication) has been one of fidelity and love. These are the principles of the BEST among us. 3rd. Knows right from left. One very big reason your humble Mittiot leans right - let alone leans Romney - is the foundation of the Democrat party that "Government knows best - and therefore the bigger and more omnipotent the Government the better off you and I." To that (to quote my son), I say, "AWWW - PIZZLE!" and so does Mitt, though probably not verbatim. This is Common Sense, American, Conservative, Principle. 4th. An intelligent communicator. Key to a representative democracy is knowing what the heck is going on. . . AND WHY. Read Mitts "Agenda" and listen to him, he really is Reagan-esk in thought and delivery. This is the American Principle of Representative Democracy. Mitt Romney's "principles" - not his positions - will carry him through the GOP primary. ON CHANGING WASHINGTON: ______________________________________________________________ Romney says he'd bring new approach to Washington The Salt Lake Tribune wire services Article Last Updated: 05/22/2007 Posted: 7:11 AM- By Jill Zuckman, Chicago Tribune BOSTON - For Mitt Romney, the multimillionaire venture capitalist turned Olympic savior turned politician, all is going according to plan. With an eye-popping $21 million raised in the first quarter of this year for his presidential campaign and a steady stream of television advertising, the one-term former governor of Massachusetts has caught the attention of both voters and political insiders. Star turns at the first two Republican debates gave his candidacy yet another shot of credibility. . . _____________________________________________________________ ~ so sayeth the Mittiot. . . and it seems the Boston Tribune.

Monday, May 21, 2007


ON IOWA POLL/SUNDAY TALKERS A fine line, as your Mittiot contends, is the separation between moving too fast and not fast enough - to use a Triple Crown analogy, you need to have campaign-sense rather than "Street-Sense." Yes, I'm speaking of the 2nd place finisher of the Preakness. . . so close to the second jewel. But, I digress as I lament. To the matter at hand: Our candidate is dangerously close to being labeled a "non-starter." Never mind the "flip" issue - that doesn't stick cause everybody rethinks bad policy in a hindsight fashion (it's why the Mittiot now wheres his seat belt), but the threat of "why hasn't Mitt moved up in the polls?" question will, if Romney doesn't get the DESERVED credit for leading the litmus-test, EP, states. Luckily, conservative outlets speak of Romney in the same breath as talking "front-runners" and "top-tiers" - HOWEVER, the lefties refuse to mention Mitt and gleefully throw in Fred & Newt (Ref: NOTE TO FRED below) when talking GOP issues. Your Mittiot question of the day is a rhetorical, "why?" A: Mitt is the conservative threat the left fears most. At risk of stating the obvious, Giuliani & McCain are centrists (more compromise than conserve) so why not feather the nest? AHHH, You're reading the Michiganian Mittiot, here, we* gave John the boost in 2000, savvy? So here's the Left's strategy 101: Bash Mitt or ignore his success altogether and get a Rudy (preferably, if necessary, John) vs Hillary (or Edwards or Obama or Kusinich or Dodd or Biden or Clark or Gore or Huffington or Lenin. . .) race. AND, vwalla the Lefties win. . . either way. How is that a victory for the Left if Rudy or John win? Because compromising is not conserving. . . ~ so sayeth the Mittiot. *(I say "we" because I was on the McCain train - sorry GW - I guess you'll have to call me a "flipper," too. . . ).