Friday, June 29, 2007



Okee-Doke, fellow Mittiots, it is time to break open that wallet and support "our man Mitt." As you know, I've been bloggin' week after week - and if hasn't become clear to you as of yet that Mitt Romney is our principled, top-tier Republican candidate who is headed for the White House, well, then your an idiot. Not to offend, but COME ON. The filing deadline is upon us, Hillary has already let it out that she raised $27 Million (al beit most of the duckets came from Tibetan Monks) - WE CAN DO BETTER.,sc=VRB004


Here's a good gauge. If someone sends you an email or calls asking you to contribute to whatever, ask 'em how much THEY have contributed. . . So, I'm asking you to contribute, and (all together now) you should reply, "HOW MUCH HAVE YOU CONTRIBUTED, MITTIOT?" With out counting time and travel and the "price of love," you're Mittiot has contributed nearly $300.00 out of his lint filled pockets in support of Mitt. So, now, you know.

My question to you is, "Do you believe in Mitt at least a tenth ($30.00) as much?" How 'bout twice as much? Regardless, if you believe in Mitt Romney at all, NOW IS THE TIME to support Mitt for President.,sc=VRB004


This is mostly for my Michigan readers, but the premise extends beyond the Spartan (or 'Wolverine,' if I must) State, as well. Ponder this: You might be a Christian reading this blog or you might not - you may be pro-life or may not - you may or may not be a hunter, a business owner, or a parent - But if you live in this great state of ours, then YOU ARE A MICHIGANIAN - AND SO IS MITT. And, with all the problems Michigan (and US Manufacturing in general) faces - we absolutely cannot afford to let this opportunity pass us by - Mitt knows the Midwest, he knows Michigan and he knows Manufacturing. Now is the time to Support Mitt Romney, now is the time to turn this state and country around.,sc=VRB004

~ so sayeth the Mittiot.

Thursday, June 28, 2007



Though your Mittiot hasn't been quick to blog, I have been scanning the web for Romney notes to pass on. . . trouble is, the info has been rather milk-toast. Sure there's the DNC crap-ola that starts out as a CNN-TIME "news" piece (like Anna 'Super Hack' Cox report on Mitt's malicious romp of Irish-Setter torture, or the totally ridiculous 'Trooper Garrity ran my license plate' abomination that just won't grow legs no matter how many times it's reprinted), but every real news outlet seems to be waiting for the end of the quarter results which will help to determine who's got game. Your Mittiot's money is on Mitt being the big story, AGAIN. Why? He's got a great team - and if you want to lower expectations (which all candidates do) nothing lowers 'em faster than letting it out that you're loaning your campaign personal dollars. Watch for a bump come post-June 30th.


By the by, your Mittiot just had to remind a nay-sayer yesterday that National Polls reflect a nation uninvolved - look at the early primary states: Iowa, NH, Nevada, SC, MI and Florida, then tell me who's viable. . . Speaking of polls, FOX had an interesting tidbit about supporting an Independent presidential candidate - in short, people are not overtly opposed to it (though nearly 70% don't believe a third-party/indy candidate can win - and they're right). What caught your Mittiot's eye however was contained within the following excerpt:

FOX: More than twice as many voters think it would be good for the country if an independent candidate were to win the White House in 2008 than think it would be bad (45 percent good, 19 percent bad). In addition, there is rare partisan agreement on the issue as 42 percent of Democrats and 44 percent of Republicans think electing an independent candidate would be good for the country, as do 56 percent of self-described independents (emphasis added).

If only 56% of Independents would support electing an Independent, are they really independent? The Mittiot says, "NO." Most self-described Indy's are really Republicans afraid of getting brow-beaten by the Left. Be Proud, Be Loud, mine GOP! Wrest control from the Left and tell 'em with vigor that the degradation of society comes from a perceived lack of consequence (either on this plain or one more heavenly) - tell 'em that the bulk of poverty and ignorance comes from a lack of personal responsibility - tell 'em that rewriting the past won't save the future of tired and false promises that government (this time) has the answer - tell 'em. . . oh bag it, they ain't listening. Case in point: When the President moved toward fixing Social "Security" (we even had V.P. Cheney visit your Mittiot's campus) - I heard Dem after Dem tell me and the world, "Social Security doesn't need fixing - it is the greatest success story of our time. . ." Well I just heard on C-SPAN today - BY A DEMOCRAT - that without the illegal immigrants, Social Security would be in trouble. . . "greatest success story" my Mittiot-ass.


If Newt G. wants to have an impact upon America - he should use all his affable power to call the nation to a Constitutional Convention - before someone simply imposes Nationalized Healthcare without Constitutional consideration.

~ so sayeth the Mittiot

Tuesday, June 26, 2007



Pardon me fellow Mittiots, sometimes your Daily-Blogger here is a little thick in the melon. I couldn't figure out the Mitt Romney/Dolphin guy connection. . . Until I went through a list of dolphin-related endorsements and came across the Dolphin Safe Tuna Association's (Dol-Sa-Tu-Asso) key endorsement of the former MA Governor for President. Seems our man Mitt has been anointed with the "Dolphin's Best Friend" designation ("coveted by all, earned by one" - as the website notes). I guess you DO learn something new every day.

Way to go Mitt! And, when your Mittiot eats his Tuna Fish - NAY, DOLPHIN SAFE Tuna Fish - sandwich, with the creamy mayo and bits of dilly dill - I'll smile and think, "If the dolphins love 'em - he's got to be good for America!"

~ so sayeth the Mittiot



McCain could pull out of race by autumn: Presidential hopeful drops campaign staff as Republican consultants predict he'll be gone by September.

THE former presidential front-runner, John McCain, may drop out of the 2008 race by September if his fundraising dries up and his poll ratings continue to drop, according to Republican insiders. Complete Story:

"Speculation" is often akin to "wishful thinking."

McCain reminds your Mittiot of a non-racist John C. Calhoun: "Defiant to the point of self-destruction." There is no doubt that McCain is a force in the Senate and he might consider pulling out under the guise of being "too much of a visionary to win the nomination." Which may be true - the flip side, of course, is an ever dwindling number are being drawn to his vision. Calhoun's reason for returning to the Senate after losing his Presidential bid was a bit more ominous than trying to get "soft money out of politics" or an illegal immigration bill that would tackle both "those coming in and those already here" (as stated, Secure the Border FIRST) but none-the-less, legislative windmills abound and McCain has obtained a pretty formidable joust within the American Senate. No shame in recognizing it.

Democrats tear into Fred Thompson Even before his expected July announcement, Fred Thompson's all-but-declared entry into the Republican presidential stakes has prompted the Democratic National Committee to attack him as a potential GOP front-runner and to use his prospective candidacy to raise money. Full article:

"Welcome to the war."


Note the "wishful thinking" reference above. "Premature articulation" of the Administration's intent to close Gitmo had all the Left in an orgasmic tizzy. NICE GOING, LEFTY MEDIA - NO FARE TEASING! Now the talk has turned to "this administration refuses to compromise, to back down, it just digs its heels in . . . look at Iraq, look at Gonzales. . ." Hmmmm. Look at immigration, look at No-Child Left Behind, look at Social Security reform, look at Rumsfeld. The Administration (Bush, Cheney) know enough when to fish and when to cut bait. Just because the Left is demanding to cut the bait (or "cut and run") doesn't mean the the Administration is wrong - no matter how loud it's screamed from the top of the Hollywood Hills. Romney is right (get used to hearing that) Guantanamo should be doubled - not closed - the alternative to taking these enemy combatants off the field of the battle is to plant them 6 foot under it - we're not bringing them to the US - where in the hell would we house them? Hollywood? How 'bout Seattle?

The Truth About Guantanamo Proposals to treat detainees as criminal defendants make a mockery of international humanitarian law. Full article:

~ so sayeth the Mittiot

Sunday, June 24, 2007

A TWO-FER. . .


What the? The Daily Mittiot is "Twice Daily?" No, as loyal readers can attest the Daily Mittiot is struggling to retain its "Daily". . . But, while I had some time, I was surfing and came across a great Blog on the problem with one-sided panels. Specifically, Tim Russert's "Meet The Press" and the GOP bashing that took place unchecked. See the "News Busters" article on the subject:

Its worth the read, but what struck your sort-of-Daily Mittiot was the following excerpt:

MR. HARWOOD: "Well, it could. We don’t really know what—how Fred Thompson’s going to define himself. You know, what, what is his candidacy about? He seems to be identified favorably by conservative Republicans as their guy of the moment. That wasn’t necessarily his reputation as a United States senator. He had some of that McCain maverick in him, certainly on campaign finance reform and other things. So we don’t really know exactly how he’s going to position himself in the race and where he’s going to fit. But I tell you what,Mitt Romney is quite well-positioned right now. He’s doing very well in Iowa, doing well in New Hampshire, he’s doing well financially. He’s becoming much better known, and his negatives are very low. Watch Romney in this race."

"Watch Romney in this race. . ." that strikes me as an honest assessment by a liberal commentator (al beit during a weak moment while bashing Thompson). Your Mittiot has said it again, and again, "the Left knows Mitt is going to win."

~ so sayeth the Mittiot (twice daily. . .)



YEEASH! Talk about going from "hero to zero" in no time flat, John McCain's "Straight Talk Express" is sliding out of control and there ain't a snow tire out there that can stop it. It isn't the overt, kick him while he's down, campaign prop that has caught the eye of yours truly, it's the fact that I am seeing polling that includes "without McCain running" numbers. A good assessment of what's happened to McCains campaign came by way of RasmussenReports:

In a nutshell - McCain's campaign was suspect from the start but has never really gotten going. "Butter on the rails" includes campaign finance reform and most recently, immigration legislation. By the by, it'll be "bumps across the board" in poll numbers "without McCain running."


The Fort Wayne Journal Gazette has a pretty good rundown of primaries and handicapping of their outcome. No real eye-poppin' predictions, other than Thompson's variable impact. Check it out at:

If I were to venture a guess (and why not?) your Mittiot would bet on a victory in Iowa, New Hampshire, and Michigan if we go early as predicted (Nevada is in serious play). This momentum may/might/should take Team Romney through Florida strongly (especially, if we win Nevada with the three states mentioned) - South Carolina is a stopper. If your Mittiot were pushin' the buttons for Mitt's campaign, I'd triple the efforts being waged in South Carolina, address their concerns: faith (versus a particular religion), strong defense, tough on illegal immigration, and a fair-trade agreement with China to secure SC. If Mitt can close North, South, East and West early primaries - which I believe he will - Mitt will be our candidate.


What the??? As an individual who didn't see the Soprano's Finale (and thanks for ruining it by the way) your Mittiot was more than perplexed by the Clinton for President commercial. To tell you the truth, I thought it was a parity on them. . . at the very least we all now know that if Clinton is elected President (double Yeeash) we can say "hello" to carrot sticks and "goodbye" to onion rings - a lil' Hillary-Care preview. . .

~so sayeth the Mittiot.